Finding Industrial Property for Lease

Industrial property for lease can be located in each state. However, companies must first consider the laws, statutes and taxes in each state, before deciding on a location. For example, Arizona can levy an excise tax on companies which conduct business outside of the state.


Those that are looking for industrial property for lease must also consider the terms of a contract, as well as tenant rights in each state. Leases can be more beneficial than renting a building, as the terms include more stability in a lease. For example, renting generally includes a shorter period of time and when that short contract expires, the terms can easily be changed by the landlord. Whereas, a lease is more long term, which assures the landlord that the tenant will be there for some extended period of time, giving them the ability to grant more benefits to the tenant because if that stability.


In addition to certain terms, such as the cost of a lease, there are other terms in leases which may be more beneficial to both the tenant and the landlord. Landlords tend to be willing to make an improvement when they are certain that the building will remain occupied, which in turn, keeps their tenant happy.


There are some legal issues which can affect the lease and those individuals that are part of the agreement. In many states, companies that break their lease are subject to legal ramifications, as is the landlord if they break the lease.



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