Seattle Realtors

Seattle Realtors Seattle, Washington is considered to be the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Due to its location on the coast and the Canadian border, Seattle has become a major international gateway. Furthermore, this has also a very strong financial center, focusing in fields such as information technology and aviation. It is also well known for producing advances in green technologies as well, adding to the variety of commerce and business.

Due to its wealth and financial and economic status in the country, the real estate market is one of the few that has not suffered a major decline in recent years. Seattle realtors have the advantage of using such factors to provide for the increasing property and home values in the city. Additionally, due to the economic viability of the city, Seattle realtors have also experienced a steady increase in the population, which increases about 4,000 per year. Such factors drive the real estate market and increase the value of property in the city.

Seattle realtors may also prove to be in a quite a strong and financially stable careers in the area. Average listing prices for property in the city are as high as $565,000, with an average selling price of just under $375,000. This offers for some serious potential in terms of revenue based on sales commission. However, depending on the neighborhood, listing prices can easily go into the million dollar range.

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