Filing a Complaint Against an Attorney

Filing a Complaint Against an Attorney

Attorney complaints are widespread, with stories of lawyers who charge exorbitant fees or perform unethically rising to the level of becoming punch lines. 

However vocal an attorney complaint of this nature may be, however, these categories of attorney complaints have no recourse except to have the individual spread their stories in the help that it will prevent other individuals from developing the same attorney complaints.


However, an attorney complaint about more serious violations may be entitle the individual with the attorney complain to more drastic opportunities for recourse.


If the attorney complaint is merely that the attorney lost the case, the attorney complaint will probably not have standing to have this category of attorney complaints more closely examined. 

However, if the attorney complaints involve the lawyer against whom the attorney complaint is being filed was inattentive to the case, then the attorney complaint may have merit, and entitle the plaintiff to a hearing, possibly even a new trial.


In the event the attorney complaint is regarding unethical practices performed by the lawyer, then this category of attorney complaints should be filed with the local bar association, which should have a division devoted to examining complaints of ethics violations.

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