Idaho License Plates

Idaho License Plates
When you register your motor vehicle with the Idaho Transportation Department, you will receive license plates. These Idaho license plates are your property, and if you do decide to sell your motor vehicle, you should make sure to remove your Idaho license plates before the transaction happens. Although the state requires you to remove these plates, Idaho also allows you to transfer your Idaho license plates to other vehicles that already own or buy.

The state of Idaho provides many different graphics. The standard one for Idaho license plates can be used for boat trailers, camp trailers, buses, commercial trucks, commercial trailers, mobile homes, motor homes, dealer, loaner, motorcycles, non-commercial trucks, rental trailers, passenger cars, transporter trailers, repossession, wrecker vehicles, and utility trailers. However, there are many specialty plates also available for Idaho license plates. Some of them include the following styles:

• Old timer
• Timber
• Famous potatoes
• Fire fighter
• Veteran
• Peace officer
• Purple hear
• Idaho freemason
• Breast cancer awareness
• Capitol restoration
• Centennial
• Lewis and Clark
• Science and technology
• Collegiate
• Support our troops

These plates can also have custom serial numbers. Regardless of what style you choose, there are some rules for each one.

• The personalized Idaho license plate text must be tasteful, regardless of the language.
• Depending on the plate, there are a minimum and maximum amount of characters, letters, and numbers.
• Spaces can be used anywhere on the Idaho license plate, but they are considered a part of the available spacing.
All styles are subject to the standard vehicle registration fees, and the customized plates can have varying costs depending on the style. Certain plates will also require documentation. For example, the Air Force Veteran Persian Gulf Plate requires an applicant to supply a copy of his or her DD-214 or an equivalent form.

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