Trademarks At A Glance

Trademarks At A Glance Registering a trademark can be considered to be a complex process. In order to register trademarks, one should be well aware of what a trademark is and the inherent legal issues and rights that are bestowed with a trademark.

A trademark is a right given to protect a particular word, symbol or design. Examples can include the word "coke," and the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle. Therefore, any particular idea that falls within the definition of a trademark will be needed. However, it is also required that a person with a particular idea for a trademark verify that the idea itself has not already been trademarked by another party. One must check with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and conduct a formal search of the idea in order to avoid any potential legal consequences.

If the trademark idea proves to be original and valid, one must then file with the USPTO a Federal Trademark Application Form, which will require the basic information of the applicant, a precise description of the idea, and the necessary fees. 

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