Abilify Side Effects

What are the Abilify side effects?

Similar to the majority of medications, a number of side effects are attached to Abilify use. The presence of Abilify side effects increases when the drug is used in conjunction with other medications or interacts with existing conditions. Your doctor’s diligence and your disclosure to with regards to preexisting conditions are paramount to avoiding some of the worst Abilify side effects, however rare they may be.

What are the most common Abilify side effects?

Abilify is an antidepressant which alters chemicals in the brain to regulate dopamine levels. If you notice any of the following Abilify side effects please do not hesitate to contact your medical professional:

- Headaches

- Trouble sleeping

- Restless and anxious feelings

- Fatigue

- Constipation

The most common side effects for Abilify happen in 10 – 20% of patients. If these side effects are severe or persistent you must contact your medical professional or 911 immediately.

What affects the side effects for Abilify?

Like all medications, certain factors contribute to the severity of a side effect.  For example, taking Abilify on an empty stomach can increase the presence of some Abilify side effects, such as headaches. To minimize Abilify side effects, please follow the dosing instructions provided by your doctor or labeled on your prescription. Adhering to said instructions is typically beneficial to the patient and ensures the effectiveness of the drug.

Is there a risk of dependency as part of Abilify side effects bipolar?

There is little to no risk of an Abilify side effects bipolar including dependency.  Proper dosing should be followed and the physicians will modify dosing as necessary to ensure that the medication is effective and avoids Abilify side effects bipolar.

What are Abilify side effects bipolar?

Those who take Abilify for the treatment of bipolar disorder encounter many of the same Abilify side effects, including headaches and fatigue.  In addition to these basic Abilify side effects, the drug comes with long term Abilify side effects, such as weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you notice these reactions, please report to them to your medical professional; your doctor, upon evaluating your situation, will run tests to see if discontinuation is appropriate.


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