Actonel Dosages

Actonel Dosages

A Brief Guide to Actonel Dosages

The prescription medication Actonel is prescribed to patients who wish to maintain healthy bone mass and structure. The Actonel dosage prescribed by a doctor should follow the guidelines issued by its manufacturer. In order to prescribe the correct Actonel dose, a physician must consider your medical condition, state of health and any other medications (prescription and non-prescription) you are taking.

There are five different Actonel dosages, all of which are administered in tablet form. In nearly all treatment plans, you may be issued an Actonel dosage in the form of a 5 milligram (mg) tablet to be taken daily, a 35 mg tablet to be taken weekly, a 75mg mg tablet which should be taken for two consecutive days once a month, or a 150 mg tablet taken once a month.

The specific Actonel dose you will be described is primarily issued in relation to your specific wants or goals. For the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, any of these Actonel dosages may be considered by a doctor. In the case of men with osteoporosis who wish to increase their bone mass, the recommended Actonel dosage is a weekly 35mg tablet.  However, men who are battling osteoporosis related to steroid use should be issued an Actonel dose in the daily 5 mg form.

Along with osteoporosis-related treatment, Actonel dosages are considered for men and women battling Paget's disease. This condition can lead to deformed or enlarged bones. In such cases, the recommended Actonel dosage takes the form of a 30 mg pill. This Actonel dose should be taken daily for two months. Once this treatment has concluded, such Actonel dosages may be repeated if no improvement is observed. Studies have been inconclusive as to what kind of Actonel dosage should be administered if this second round of treatment is not effective.

Regardless of the Actonel dose you are prescribed, it should be taken 30 minutes before eating your first meal of the day. All Actonel dosages should be consumed with nothing more than water. Calcium supplements may be necessary during the onset of your treatment plan.

Regardless of your specific Actonel dose, it is important to be alert to any indication of adverse effects. Any Actonel dosages can result in potentially serious conditions. The most serious potential side effect with Actonel dosages is osteonecrosis of the jaw. It is crucial that you report any pain around your mouth to a physician immediately. If left untreated, an Actonel dose which causes these kinds of side effects could lead to debilitating pain as well as the loss of your jaw.

A physician should clearly explain all potential side effects of Actonel dosages before you begin a course of treatment. In the event that you are seriously harmed by your Actonel dosage, you may have grounds for a lawsuit to recover medical expenses or damages regarding pain and suffering. Many such lawsuits have been brought forth by patients who have taken every form of Actonel dose.


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