Advair Diskus Dosage

Advair Diskus Dosage

A brief guide to Advair Diskus Dosages

Advair Diskus is a prescription medication designed to help alleviate asthma symptoms, as well chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Whatever your prescribed Advair Diskus dosage, you should be aware of potential side effects, and if present, report them to a physician immediately. Like most prescription medications, Advair’s efficacy is not guaranteed for all patients.

This drug is not indicated for the use of anyone younger than four years old. Those eligible for treatment will be administered—at the onset--the lowest possible Advair Diskus dosage (100 micrograms) taken twice daily. Once your doctor observes your body’s response to the drug, he/she may increase Advair Diskus dosages to 250 or 500 micrograms, taken twice daily. Patients who take the drug to control COPD will only be issued the 250 microgram dosage.

Long-term usage of the drug is not recommended. Once the appropriate level of Advair Diskus dosage has been determined, you will continue taking the drug. Once your symptoms are controlled, a physician will decrease usage, with the goal of discontinuing use. Do not take any Advair Diskus dosages more than twice a day. Increased dosage will not increase the drug's efficacy. Furthermore, an Advair Diskus dosage in no way substitutes for an emergency inhaler.

Patients should immediately report allergic reactions, such as hives or rashes, to a physician immediately. Side effects can occur regardless of the size of Advair Diskus dosages. Similarly, it is important to be alert to any sign of other serious side effects, including blurred vision and an increased, irregular heartbeat. The size of an Advair Diskus dosage does not increase or decrease your risk of developing such conditions.

The drug has been observed to slow the growth of some children. Regardless of the size of Advair Diskus dosages, regularly doctor's visits should be scheduled in order to ensure that children are not having their growth impeded. For adults, there is a risk that any Advair Diskus dosage will create bone density problems that could lead to osteoporosis. These may not be immediately observable.

Whatever your Advair Diskus dosage, it is important to follow a physician's intake instructions precisely. Failure to do so increases the chances of adverse reactions, some of which could be fatal. If you obey all instructions concerning your Advair Diskus dosages and still experience long-term medical problems, you may wish to consider litigation with the goal of obtaining financial compensation. Such lawsuits are unlikely to advance successfully without proper legal representation.

To prepare a lawsuit, lawyers will need a doctor's prescription for your Advair Diskus dosage, as well as all related medical records. Whatever your Advair Diskus dosages, lawyers must be able to establish that they led to detrimental medical effects.


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