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61. Japanese Atomic Bomb Refugees
Japanese Atomic Bomb Refugees One of the many cruelties of war in the 20th and 21st century is that thousands of people can be killed from a distance with just a press of a button or two. Whereas international conflicts of previous eras were marked by face-to-face engagements, often involving rows of soldiers standing still in orderly lines firing back and forth at one another, today, many times an target i..
62. Learn About the Green Card Lottery
Learn About the Green Card Lottery What is the Green Card Lottery?The Diversity Immigrant lottery, also known as the Green Card Lottery, is a government program offered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau, which awards 50,000 Visas to applicants who meet the requirements for entry. The requirements for the Green Card Lottery are as follows:a.    Applicants must be lega..
63. Learning About the Green Card Process
Learning About the Green Card Process What is the Green Card Process?A Green Card enables a non-resident of the United States to permanently reside in the United States. As a result of this legal document, the individual holder is allowed the expressed permission to be considered as a permanent resident in the United States. Although the Green Card offers permanent residency there are latent restrictions assoc..
64. Mexican Immigrants
Mexican Immigrants Throughout the history of the United States there has been a constantly fluctuating relationship between the United States and Mexico. Because they share borders, it is natural for the United States and Mexico to have a flow of individuals going in and out of the respective nations. Traditionally, throughout history, this has always been an occurrence.During the largely formati..
65. National Origins Act Text
Full Text to National Origins ActSIXTY EIGHTH CONGRESS. SESS.I. Ch. 185, 190. 1924. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Immigration Act of 1924" Sec. 2. (a) A consular officer upon the application of any immigrant (as defined in section 3) may (under the condition..
66. Overview of the Immigration Process
Overview of the Immigration Process In accordance to its definition, the immigration process is simply the moving of people into a different location. However, to immigrate in modern terms refers to the moving of people from one country to another, usually for the purpose of establishing a better quality of life. However, the immigration process is not as simple as traveling and entering another nation. Immigrati..
67. Permanent Residency Overview
Permanent Residency Overview To some people, permanent residency may be equivalent to a green card, nothing more, nothing less. However, this is quite an unfortunate mindset to take, and on a number of levels at that. First and foremost, logistically, this assertion is of too narrow a focus.While a green card does signify its holder is a permanent resident, the term "green card" is distinctly American. Thi..
68. Quick UK Immigration Rules
Quick UK Immigration Rules The United Kingdom has a number of rules regarding immigration. Some of the most general uk immigration rules are in regards to individuals who were not born in the nation and do not have a claim to the nation. For instance, a person or family that is coming into the nation, but none of the relatives were born there requires a leave to enter the United Kingdom. This is one of t..
69. Read Before a Deportation Hearing!
Read Before a Deportation Hearing! Owing to the explicit protocol of procedure, sometimes an immigration court judge will request to have his or her verdict certified by the DHS, and most of the time, the contents of the hearing will be recorded and transcribed. Pending consent by the court, the accused may be able to review the literature on their case after the official ruling. It should be noted that any impr..
70. Read this Before Applying for a Visa
Read this Before Applying for a Visa What is a Visa?A visa is a legal document used as a fundamental indicator that an individual is authorized and permitted to enter the territory or country for which it was issued. Visas are issued by a country’s Federal government; they are used to control the influx of non-residents as well as regulate and streamline immigration into a country.A visa is a fundamental tr..
71. Religious and Political Opposition During WWII
Religious and Political Opposition During WWII The holocaust left tremendous concerns and painful questions long after the holocaust liberation. How could such a tragedy occur among human beings? Was there no opposition? Were all Germans ignorant to the happenings of the holocaust or were they inherently evil enough to be okay with the beyond cruel mass murdering of so many innocent lives? Although the Hitler Reich was..
72. Selective Service Act
What is the Selective Service Act of 1917?The Selective Service Act of 1917 set up the system that gives the federal government the power to maintain a database of all male citizens and immigrants between the age of 18 and 25 for possible conscription.  In the event of the reinstitution of a military draft, the Selective Service database will provide the information of men..
73. Short Overview of a Diaspora
Short Overview of a Diaspora The way in which to define the term "diaspora" depends on the depth of the historical perspective from which the migration of humans across the face of the Earth is approached. Diasporas – intentional relocation of a group of people united by similar physical characteristic or a common country of origin – have been occurring since before the dawn of written history.Even pri..
74. Should You Claim Asylum in Response to Deportation?
Should You Claim Asylum in Response to Deportation? Tthough lack of a requirement for legal immigrant status and a likewise lack of remuneration may enable fake asylum claims, to go in the other direction and require legal status and money would stand to hurt the honest asylum and refugee applicants whose very lives may be saved by the protection of the federal government. It would not make sense to punish everyone for the sins ..
75. Statistics on Country Related Deportation
Statistics on Country Related Deportation For the most part, immigration statistics, both legal and illegal, are rough estimates. Still, immigration authorities release a series of illegal immigration statistics annually. For instance, illegal immigration statistics show that there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, though the number is said by some to be much higher due to secrecy when repor..