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16. An Overview of the Dangers of Illegal Immigration
CrimeThere has always existed a perceived connection between immigration and crime. Dating back to the early years of the United States, immigration trends began to skyrocket by the mid-nineteenth century. Due to the current absence of background checks completed at this time, many Americans were worried about the vast increases in unknown immigrants.Just as there was a pervasi..
17. An Overview on Canada Immigration
An Overview on Canada Immigration Canada Immigration BackgroundImmigration to Canada has been occurring for centuries, as individuals from all over the world escaped danger by fleeing to this beautiful country. Today, Canada immigration continues to be very popular, with hundreds of thousands of individuals immigrating to the country every year. Canada offers potential immigrants many advantageous features.Citi..
18. An Overview to International Passport Applications
An Overview to International Passport Applications A passport application is a legal form submitted to the government in request for the issue of a passport for an individual.Passport Application BackgroundA passport application is a form that is filled out for a particular region; it is a way in which a government can determine the legitimacy of citizenship and bestow the rights of a passport onto an individual. Passports, reg..
19. B1 Business Visa: Forms and Requirements
B1 Business Visa: Forms and Requirements What is a B1 Business Visa?A B1 business visa is a form of expressed permission allowing an individual to legally and lawfully enter a country or nation through a business endeavor or opportunity; this permission is granted by the governmental immigration department controlled by that specific country. Although business visas differ in description, duration of time allowed for ..
20. Becoming a United States Immigrant
Becoming a United States Immigrant Becoming a United States ImmigrantAn immigrant is an individual who comes to a new country with the intention of leaving the old country and permanently settling in the one. The decision for an immigrant to come to the United States to permanent live here is a very important and complicated decision. It is necessary for a potential immigrant to understand whether they are ..
21. Cambodian refugees
Cambodian refugees Currently, residents of Cambodian descent comprise less than one percent of the population of the United States. Thus, in relative terms, Cambodian immigrationrefugeesmurderNevertheless, the nation and its people did survive, and relevant to the pursuit of immigration in America, there were approximately 150,000 Cambodian refugees that had made their way to American shores.With..
22. Can You Afford a Deportation Lawyer?
Can You Afford a Deportation Lawyer? As noted, once an individual is served with a deportation order, one of the first things they may want to do is find a good deportation lawyer. Finding a good deportation lawyer, though a difficult process, is a process that many consider worth the trouble. There are many things to take into account when hiring a deportation lawyer, though.For instance, many immigrants in Ameri..
23. Canadian Embassy
Canadian Embassy Understanding Immigration Services from a Canadian EmbassyA Canadian embassy is the best source of information for traveling or immigrating to Canada. More specifically, a Canadian embassy can help provide information on immigration services regarding citizenship registration.Applying For Resident Visas at a Canadian EmbassyIn order to apply for a temporary resident visa for Ca..
24. Central American Refugees
Central American Refugees Prior to revolution in Nicaragua in the 1970's, the nation was under the control of Anastasio Somoza, the latest in the line of the Somoza dynasty that had held claim to Nicaragua's leadership since the 1930's. Somoza's government claimed that Nicaragua was a proud champion of freedoms outlined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Nonetheless, Nicaragua's o..
25. Deportation on the American Image
Deportation on the American Image Deportations do not always go according to plan. Especially where abuses of the immigration system by the very men and women who swear to uphold domestic statutes are concerned, news of a particular deportation order may become a story of international scrutiny. What's more, under these circumstances, deportations may not be seen as a tool for keeping the public safe from crimi..
26. Do Illegal Immigrants Hurt the Economy?
General Economic EffectsTaking Jobs from Americans? Administrative reforms will also be made for the immigration process, and these reforms will include revisions for who is allowed entry into the United States; people with the HIV disease will no longer be barred entry with the new reforms. There will also be revisions to the budgets that fund the border security initia..
27. Do You Know About the State Department?
Do You Know About the State Department? The term "State Department" can be used to refer to a number of different government entities. In most cases, individuals who use this term are referring to the United States State Department, which is a branch of the federal government. The federal State Department is responsible for overseeing international relations and diplomacy efforts, as well as protecting American citiz..
28. Domestic Born Children of Deported Illegal Immigrants
Domestic Born Children of Deported Illegal Immigrants Advocates for the improvement of human rights allowed to illegal immigrants include have maintained that ambiguous deportations laws result the separation of families. The alleged effect that deportation has on children can be devastating. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security released a statement that estimated 2.2 million deportations in the two years. The staggering ..
29. Domestically Born Children of Illegal Immigrants Overview
Domestically Born Children of Illegal Immigrants Overview Oftentimes, laws addressing children of illegal immigrants reflect the dated nuances, and at times archaic nature, of American immigration policy. The American government is complacent with its enforcement of certain portions of immigration law, while certain infractions result in a deportation without the consideration of any extraneous situations. Although all children born o..
30. Don't Read Unless You Lost Your Passport!
Don't Read Unless You Lost Your Passport! What is a Lost Passport?A passport is a legal document issued by the Federal Government, which enables an individual to travel abroad. Without the acquisition of a passport, an individual is legally not entitled to enter or leave a given country.If an individual – through carelessness, accident, or robbery – has lost their passport, they must replace it before travelling.&n..