2008 Bar Exam Results

2008 Bar Exam Results The most important aspect of the bar exams are the bar exam results. In many instances, an individual must wait months before receiving his/her bar exam results. The results of the bar examination are released on a state by state basis.

Therefore, test takers in each state will receive their results at different times. The results of the examination are posted online, by the department responsible for administering the exam. For example, in New York State, the results are posted by the New York State Board of Law Examiners. The responsible department will usually list the names of test takers who successfully passed the exam, in alphabetical order by their last names. Bar exam results for previous years can also be found online, as can bar exam results from other nations.

Statistics regarding the 2008 bar exam results indicate that well over 80,000 individuals took the examination in 2008, and roughly 56,900 people successfully passed the exam. This means that over 70% of the aspiring lawyers who took the bar exam in the United States effectively passed the exam. In 2008, California had the lowest success rate, with only 54% of test takers passing the exam.

This statistic reflect the difficulty of the California bar exam, which is generally considered to be one of the most challenging bar examinations administered in the United States. The state of Montana had the highest pass rate, with over 90% of test takers successfully passing the exam.

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