Should My Law Firm Use a Free Backlink Generator?

Should My Law Firm Use a Free Backlink Generator?

Free backlink generators are a common tool of the trade for a lot of internet marketers.  Backlinks can represent over two thirds of your total search engine placement and rankings. If you're doing marketing for your law firm, you may want to know how a free backlink generator works, and whether a free backlinks generator tool is actually a good way to build your link presence.  Keep reading to find out why “free” may not always be the best way to build your links, and why you should use caution before using any free backlinks generator you find online.

What is a Free Backlink Generator?

Many people are just too busy to create their own backlinks.  After all, by the time you talk to a webmaster about getting a link included on their website, then create new content for the link, then actually post the link, and then get the link indexed, you may have used up hours on a single link.  If you want to build hundreds of links, you're looking at weeks of work and uncertain results.

Instead of doing all that work, a free backlinks generator frees you up to do the rest of your marketing campaigns.  Using a free backlink generator, you can build dozens or even hundreds of backlinks in a day.  Instead of being one of the most difficult parts of your marketing strategy to implement, backlink creation can become one of the easiest.

How Does a Free Backlinks Generator Work?

Typically, a free backlink generator works by finding websites where it is very easy to post comments or other types of content.  Then, using pre-made templates for content, the free backlinks generator will spawn a number of backlinks to your website on these web pages.  Depending on what free backlink generator you decide to use, these backlinks may come in the form of article links, comment links, or some other type of link.

Because of the limitations of free backlink generators, it's very unlikely that the content will vary significantly from post to post.  Depending on which free backlink generator you're using, you may be able to use multiple keywords for anchor text or you may have to stick with one piece of anchor text per time you generate new backlinks.

How Long Does a Free Backlink Generator Take to Work?

Some people start using a free backlinks generator assuming that they'll be able to watch the meteoric rise of their SERPs within a few hours or days.  This scenario is vanishingly unlikely, though, because getting a backlink is only the first step to having it affect your rankings.

Before you can have the rankings boost from a new backlink, Google will need to index it.  That means it needs to find and see the backlink.  Typically, websites that have sitemaps are easier for search engines to index, while very badly organized websites with many “orphan pages” (that no other page on the website links to) are much harder to index.

On average, you can expect about 20 percent or so of your links to be indexed within a month of posting them.  The others may take several months more, and of course, in some situations Google may not find a link you've posted at all.

Will Google Penalize Me For Using a Free Backlink Generator?

This is the part where using a free backlinks generator gets very tricky.  In fact, most of the time, it's probably a bad idea to use a free backlink generator, because these generators typically produce low quality content and post it to low quality websites.  If too many of your website's backlinks come from low PageRank websites (like the ones commonly used by a free backlinks generator), you could actually suffer from penalties to your search rankings.

Ah, but, you say, you've found a free backlink generator that only puts your backlinks on websites with a high PageRank!  How about those?  Well, the truth is that Google engineers are still a few steps ahead of you.  If you're building backlinks too fast, you'll get penalized.  If too many of your backlinks, proportionally, come from high PageRank websites, you can get penalized.  If you're getting way more backlinks than most websites with your traffic level—you guessed it, you'll be penalized.  What's more, Google is getting better at detecting unnatural link building efforts with every passing week.

What does this mean for you?  That at the end of the day, using any kind of free backlinks generator is a risky proposition.  Sure, it's possible that your SERPs will climb—at least for now.  But later on, you could find yourself de-listed because of a suspicion of link buying, or penalized until none of your web pages show up in the top 50 pages of any search.  That's not the kind of long term return on investment you want, so think carefully before using any free backlinks generator tool.

Is a Free Backlink Generator Worse Than Paid Options?

If Google's good at detecting unnatural backlink generation, do paid tools work any better than their free counterparts?  The answer is actually yes.  In many cases, unlike free backlink generator tools, paid generation tools also include service by real people who can help you build much more natural looking links.

Paying for a backlink generation service, especially if their focus is on creating organic looking, contextual backlinks, is much safer than using a free backlinks generator.  Of course, it also costs significantly more, but think how much it will cost your website in the long run if you're penalized for over optimization and can no longer draw clients in with search.

Alternatives to Using a Free Backlink Generator

If you're wary about using a free backlinks generator (and you should be!), check out other articles on our site about building your own backlinks.  By building your own, you'll have more control over your online reputation and a lot less fear of the unknown.  Organic backlinks look great not just to Google, but to the actual human beings who can become your legal clients.

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