Arizona Divorce Records Online

Although Arizona has an Office of Vital Records, all marriage and divorce records are maintained by the counties they take place in, through the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court.  All divorce records will be access and issued through here, in accordance with state regulations and procedure.  You will not be able to view Arizona divorce records online as this is not public information.  There are four locations where you may obtain copies of public records and you may also request copies by mail.

Locations to obtain Arizona divorce records

The availability locations to obtain records vary by county.  For instance, in Maricopa County, there are two customer service centers in Phoenix where you may obtain copies of divorce records from the Clerk’s office.  There are also two locations in Mesa and Surprise, Arizona.  All of these locations will be open from 8 – 5 on weekdays and here is where you can quickly obtain a certified divorce decree.

Procedure by mail

As there are few locations where you can obtain the divorce record, you may opt to obtain copies to the Arizona divorce records through the mail.  You must mail the request to the Correspondence Section of the Clerk of the Superior Court in Phoenix for Maricopa County divorces.  All others must search for the address of the locations that deals with Arizona divorce records, online for that county.

As is the case with making a request in person, you must have certain information ready.  Most importantly, all of the following information must be incorporated into any written requests to avoid high searching fees or the rejection of a search request.  This information includes:

• Case number;

• The names of the parties of when the case was filed;

• The specific documents you are requesting to receive;

• The filing date or year filed;

• The number of pages of the document to be copied, if known;

• Your day-time phone number and/or e-mail address 

You will also need to enclose the appropriate fees.  There is a $26 fee for each year that much be searched, if you are unsure of the date.  Copies cost .50 cents and there is a $7 postage fee.  You will be billed for the research time and other fees prior to having the document mailed to you.  There is typically a 14 day waiting period for these documents.

Using a third party

No third party can provide you with access to Arizona divorce records online, due to confidentiality and other privacy concerns.  This is not public information until at least fifty years are the divorce has taken place.  Due to the nature of these records, no one may view the records of others freely and third parties that claim otherwise are not being entirely truthful.  Court information and registers are not divorce records and will provide no relevant information on the divorce case.

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