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16. DVLA Tax
DVLA Tax What is the DVLA Tax?          The DVLA tax refers to the types of taxation that may be applied to the purchase, sale, ownership, or registration with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the United Kingdom.  This agency is responsible for keeping a database of all vehicles and drivers located within the United Kingdom.  The agency ..
17. Esquire
Esquire The Use of the Title Esquire in the United StatesIn the United States, esquire, more commonly seen as the suffix Esq., is used most often by individuals who are licensed to practice law. The suffix esquire is not gender specific and can be used by both female and male lawyers. The term esquire was not officially granted by any government authority but rather assumed by the lega..
18. Everything About Mobile Advertising Strategy
Everything About Mobile Advertising Strategy Are you still building your law firm's website for the “old web”?  You know, the one on computers—the one you're probably looking at right now?  Increasingly, today's internet users aren't using traditional methods to access their favorite content.  Within 24 months, you can expect half or more of your traffic to come in through smartphones and other mobile..
19. Federal Student Loan Consolidation
What to Know about Federal Student Loan ConsolidationIn the United States, the FDLP or the Federal Direct Student Loan Program is a program that allows include federal student loan consolidation, which can allow consolidation of a variety of federal student loans, such as Stafford loans and PLUS loans, into one simple loan. Federal student loan consolidation results in smaller ..
20. Frequently Asked Questions: How to Advertise on Youtube
Frequently Asked Questions: How to Advertise on Youtube According to the latest web usage statistics, you're likely to pay about 65 percent less for a conversion from a Youtube advertisement than for a non-Youtube ad.  If your law firm wants to see that kind of cost reduction, you need to learn how to advertise on Youtube.  Beginning to advertise on Youtube doesn't have to be hard.  Keep reading to find out..
21. Home for Sale in Massachusetts
The state of Massachusetts offers residents a range of different environments, including secluded, rural setting, historically significant towns, and major metropolitan cities. Massachusetts is located on the north eastern coast of the United States. As a result, certain locations within the town, such as Plymouth, are coastal cities, making the attractive to many individu..
22. International Arbitration
International Arbitration What is international arbitration?International arbitration is a form of arbitration that deals primarily with contract disputes among parties who are domiciled in different countries.  International arbitration, like domestic arbitration can be either binding or non-binding on the parties involved.  International arbitration involves the parties, their representative..
23. Investment
What are Investments?An investment is the commitment of an asset--such as cash or capital--to purchase a financial instrument with the goal of earning a profit. Investments typically yield a return in the form of interest, appreciation, or another source of income such as a dividend.Investments are related to savings or deferred compensation. An individual will invest to put th..
24. IRS Tax Levy
IRS Tax Levy What is an IRS Tax Levy?An IRS tax levy is a legal seizure by the Internal Revenue Service of a taxpayer’s property to fulfill a tax debt. An IRS tax levy is different from a lien. A lien, unlike an IRS tax levy is a claim that is used as a security measure for the debt, while an IRS tax levy actually takes over the property in order to satisfy a tax debt.If a tax payer does ..
25. Is it legal to ride in the back of a pick up truck?
26. Judgment by Admission - Return of Property (replevin)
27. Landlord Pays Civil Damages to Sexually Harassed Tenants
Rudy Ferrante, a property manager and mortgage banker in Portland, Maine, has settled out of court after being accused of sexually harassing tenants at properties he managed.  The federal district court in Portland, Maine approved a settlement that will require Ferrante to pay $15,000 in civil damages to the women he harassed in violation of federal housing laws. ..
28. Loan Consolidation
A Short Guide to Loan Consolidations Most financial professionals consider loan consolidations as the purchase of many different loans by a single entity or company in order to create one large single loan. This idea behind loan consolidations is that company purchasing the loans gets them from the other financial companies at a particular agreed. The companies selling ..
29. Mediator
What is a mediator?A mediator is an individual, appointed by the parties to a legal conflict, whose sole job is to listen, evaluate and help those parties come to an amicable solution that will, hopefully, prevent litigation in a court of law.  Mediators are often, but need not be members of the legal system.  Some possess law degrees, and some are often former judges..
30. Mortgage Rate Trends
Mortgage rates are the percentages of interest which are tacked on to the capital payment of a mortgage loan. Tracking the various mortgage rate trends on an overall level and on a specific mortgage plan level is important for individuals who are considering investing in a house and need a mortgage loan. Banks and various professional companies report their average mortgag..