Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Clackamas county is one of the quieter, more quaint regions of Oregon. It is a location rich in nature and pride. The Clackamas county sheriff is an individual who is dedicated to preserving this beautiful surrounding, as well as protecting the citizens of the county. Sheriff Craig Roberts is the current head of law enforcement with the Clackamus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). His job is to ensure that the sheriff’s office is operating in an organized manner and is in accordance with the standards of the law.

Because of Clackamas county being one of the smaller regions, the CCSO is the central policing body of the county; this is where all legal documents regarding law enforcement are drawn up and served. It is the location where individuals who have been caught committing crimes are booked and detained, and where individuals who have committed more serious crimes are detained until they can be moved to the proper correctional facility.

Aside from the law enforcement aspect, the Clackamas county sheriff and his staff also work to be a central figure regarding public events. They go out to support local sporting events and festivities; often some of these officials will also be on-duty in order to ensure the safety of the public. Overall, the Clackamas county sheriff works to better the community through strong communication with the public, and the commitment to using all facilities necessary in order to apprehend and process criminal offenders.

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