Ambien Lawsuit

Ambien Lawsuit

A Brief Guide to Filing an Ambien Lawsuit:

Issued to people with insomnia, Ambien has been controversial for its rare but unusual side effects. Parasomnia, a condition in which people perform acts they have no memory of while sleeping, is among the most-discussed Ambien side effects. To date, there has not been a high-profile Ambien settlement.

The most prominent Ambien lawsuit so far did not result in financial compensation. In 2006, a class action suit seeking an Ambien settlement on behalf of multiple patients who had experienced adverse effects while taking the drug resulted in partial success. Over 500 people were involved in this Ambien lawsuit. While no compensation was awarded, the United States Food and Drug Administration did institute regulations on the maker of Ambien, including mandatory placement of warning labels on the medication's packaging.

These warning labels are meant to advise patients on the potential side effects of Ambien. to the information regarding potential adverse effects effectively made it impossible to file an Ambien lawsuit seeking compensation for such responses to the drug. By updating the warnings concerning Ambien side effects, manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis met their legal obligation to warn patients about the dangers associated with the drug. However, this action did not put an end to people seeking an Ambien settlement.

The updated information concerning Ambien side effects did not emphasize the risk of suicidal fixations or attempts. In 2012, an Ambien lawsuit was filed by the family of a man who killed himself after beginning a course of treatment with the drug. As part of the foundation for their claim for an Ambien settlement, the family claimed that Sanofi-Aventis failed to adequately stress the risk of suicidal urges and hallucinations.

However, this Ambien lawsuit also named the man's physician as a defendant. The suit claimed that the physician did not adequately caution her patient about the Ambien side effects he was risking thanks to a course of treatment. There has not been a public announcement regarding any Ambien settlement at this time.

Patients who wish to litigate over Ambien side effects may not be able to do so successfully at this time. Many people filed an Ambien lawsuit before and after the 2006 class action suit. However, now that the prescription information regarding Ambien side effects has been updated, it will be more difficult to seek compensation. If anyone who filed suit was successful in obtaining an Ambien settlement, the terms of this agreement were not publicly disclosed.

Patients who wish to explore the option of filing an Ambien lawsuit should speak with an attorney experienced in pharmaceutical law. The outcome of the 2012 litigation over suicide will have important implications for those who wish to seek out an Ambien settlement. If this Ambien lawsuit is successful, more people whose loved ones died while taking the drug may choose to litigate. However, if the FDA updates the warning information that comes with the medication about Ambien side effects, this may preclude successful litigation. Due to the fluidity of ongoing litigation, it is difficult to predict accurately whether an Ambien settlement can be easily obtained or is likely to be dismissed from court.


Common Side Effects of Ambien:

Common side effects of Ambien include: dizziness, headaches, difficulty walking, flatulence, constipation, shaking of the legs or arms, unusual dreams, dry throat, dry mouth, tingling in the feet, hands, arms or legs, tingling of the tongue, joint pain, back pain and neck pain

More serious side effects of Ambien include: difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, hives, swelling of the tongue, throat, face or lips, chest pain, vision problems, pounding or racing of the heart. If you experience any of these side effects, you must immediately contact your doctor/healthcare professional.



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