Alexandria Realtors

Alexandria Realtors

The city of Alexandria is located in the state of Virginia and has become quite an important city due to its closeness to the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. As popular suburb of D.C., it largely occupied by people working for the federal government, whether it is through civil service, military, or private companies. 

As it can be inferred, the largest employer in the city is a governmental office, specifically the Department of Defense. Alexandria is also known to be one of the many high-income suburbs of Washington, D.C., making the real estate market one that can prove to be quite profitable.

Alexandria realtors have the luxury of dealing with homes in property that are considered to be in the highest value bracket, which are those exceeding $556,000 mark. Over forty percent of the homes and condominiums in Alexandria are valued to be within this price bracket. 

Furthermore, the average listing price for the city is about $544,000, which coincides with the high value of the homes in area. This figure is simply the average, meaning that certain properties will surely exceed such mark. The median sales price for a home, on the other hand, is about $380,000, may be due to the near 60% of homes under the highest value bracket.

Due to homes and property being valued so high in the city, Alexandria realtors may prove to have very wealthy careers. Furthermore, do to Alexandria being a major suburb to the capital, real estate in the area will tend to be in high demand, particularly for those individuals employed by the government that have families of their own.

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