Austin Real Estate

Austin Real Estate Austin, Texas is the capital city of the state, and is also the fourth largest city in the state as well. Ever since the turn of the century in 2000, Austin has had an increasing population, as was considered to be the third fastest growing in the United States during that period. Currently, Austin has a population of approximately 786,000 people.

Austin is also known to be the home to many companies and businesses, making it one of the more economically viable cities in the state. Furthermore, this factor, coupled with increases in population, have made Austin property quite a valuable commodity. Currently, the current listing price for Austin, Texas real estate is about $425,000, on average. However, the actual sales price average is at about $140,000 to $180,000. 

The increases in population have helped this figures regarding Austin property gradually every year since 2003. Furthermore, aside for the many businesses that are in the area, the city of Austin is also considered to be one of the three cities safest cities in the United States in accordance to its per capita population. In accordance to the current trends in population increases and stable economy, it can only be predicted that the Austin, Texas real estate market is bound to keep its current prominence and continue to grow.

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