California Real Estate at a Glance

California Real Estate at a Glance California may prove to be among the top destinations in the country to currently live in. Whether it is the sunny beaches of Southern California, stable weather, or the attraction of Hollywood, the state of California proves to have something for everyone. This can be proven by the fact that it is the most populous state in the country. 

Depending on where in the state one is talking about, there are various different environments and opportunities that exist that can prove to be a great situation for those seeking out new career opportunities or to raise a family. Furthermore, the most recent real estate trends regarding the state of California prove to reiterate the fact, due to many homes selling above the asking price.

California real estate matters are regulated by the California Department of Real Estate. The California Department of Real Estate has is history dating back to 1917, when the state enacted the country's first real estate licensing law. The Department of Real Estate gains the revenue from its operations from the fees acquired from the California Real Estate License fees and other permits that are necessary in order to be in the California real estate business. The Department of Real Estate has offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, and Oakland.

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