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31. Easy to Understand Orphanages Overview
Easy to Understand Orphanages Overview Orphaned children are society’s most vulnerable and susceptible population. Often, these children have lost the most important people in their lives due to disease, violence, or accidents. In other cases, these children have suffered from abuse, neglect, or abandonment.BackgroundOrphanages were created in order to address the increasing number of children who were left withou..
32. Easy to Understand Overview of Adoption
Easy to Understand Overview of Adoption Closed adoption has its drawbacks and is rarely a perfect fit for parents and children alike. For birth mothers who gave their children up at a time when they were neither emotionally mature enough to care for a baby nor financially capable, it may pain them to think back to the fact they gave up their child and they may feel regret, sadness and a sense of loss in the months an..
33. Facts You Need to Know About Child Abduction Prevention
Facts You Need to Know About Child Abduction Prevention While many parents think that it cannot happen to them, child abduction is a reality that must be addressed. While there is never a fool-proof way to protect a child completely, families that arm themselves against predators are more likely to be safe than ones who do not. Communities that dedicate themselves to fighting child abduction can form networks to look after the child..
34. Fast Overview to Surrogacy
Fast Overview to Surrogacy TypesIntended parents have many types of surrogacy agencies from which to choose. They may choose an agency that has its own surrogacy facilities or they may choose one that works with another facility. They will choose their facility based on the type of procedure they want to use to achieve pregnancy. The agency will help intended parents understand what they should expe..
35. Foreign Countries with Child Abduction Issues Overview
Foreign Countries with Child Abduction Issues Overview International Child AbductionCausesWhile the more immediate effects of war may be easier to see, notably the destruction of the land, the loss of human life, and diasporic movements of persons from their home countries, the struggles of survivors to overcome a cataclysmic event and rebuild their way of life are dramatic in themselves. One phenomenon, an indirect effect of such ..
36. Foster Care Independence Act
Foster Care Independence Act Just as in the Adoption and Safe Families Act, the former First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, played a large role in improving the current state of the adoption and fostering system with the presentation of the Foster Care Independence Act, which was passed in 1999. Hillary Clinton was one of those people that worked closely in their lobbying efforts f..
37. General Guardian Process
General Guardian Process A general legal guardian is an individual who is appointed to assume the rights and the responsibilities of child guardianship for a minor who is not their child. An individual may choose to petition a court in order to become the general guardian of a child. This is often the case if a relative or a friend of the family becomes aware that a child is being mistreated, abused or..
38. General Overview of Child Abuse
General Overview of Child Abuse Child abuse continues to be an increasing problem in the United States. In order to decrease the occurrence of this horrific behavior, it is first essential that child abuse information be made available to the public. Many organizations have been created that focus on providing individuals and communities with access to child abuse facts. Most States throughout the United Stat..
39. Georgia Guardianship Law
Quick Guide to Georgia GuardianshipsGeorgia Guardianship LawThe majority of Georgia guardianship laws are provided under Title 29 Guardian and Ward of the GA Revised Code.  Section 29-2-1 provides that a Georgia guardianship can be defined as: 1. a natural guardian 2. a testamentary guardian (one without “custody” but with decisions on upbringing)3. a tempora..
40. Gestational Surrogacy Overview
Gestational Surrogacy Overview Gestational surrogacy is one option available to surrogate mothers and intended parents. While the procedures involved in gestational surrogacy may be more complicated than those in traditional surrogacy, it has different benefits and considerations. In gestational surrogacy, both intended parents will be biologically related to the child.This type of surrogacy is also called I..
41. History Legitimacy Overview
History Legitimacy Overview The legal and civil rights of illegitimate children has changed drastically over the past century. Until the 1920s, most countries had been using the same legal rulings for dealing with common problems that illegitimate children faced. These problems ranged from inheriting property from an unwed parent to getting financial support. Old laws tried to punish the unwed parent..
42. Idaho Guardianship Law
Idaho Guardianship Law     What are Idaho Guardianship laws?     Idaho guardians of minor children are appointed by the state courts to care for children or the children’s assets. Any individual who is not an adoptive or biological parent or who does not have a child custody order filed against them may require a guardianship to care for the children, aut..
43. Illinois Guardianship Law
Guide to Illinois GuardianshipIn the state of Illinois, when a person is incapable of making their own legal decisions, a legal guardian may be appointed for them.  Typically, IL guardianship cases pertain to children, the elderly, and the severely disabled.  This guide will teach you about Illinois guardianship arrangements for different types of people, as well as e..
44. Important Questions to Ask
Important Questions to Ask Since state laws can vary on extreme levels, it is vital that intended parents allow for this when they research their surrogacy contract. For example, some states may require that a traditional surrogate mother be listed as the mother on a birth certificate. In this case, the intended parents would have to legally adopt the child.Since surrogacy contracts are long and complica..
45. In Court Overview
In Court Overview The court hearing is one of the most important aspects of a guardianship petition. The individual who filed the petition to receive guardianship of a minor or of a disabled adult will be required to present evidence to the judge in support of their claims. The petitioner will need to convince the judge that they are the best option for the child. In order to do this, the petiti..