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91. Quick Overview to Adoption Law
Quick Overview to Adoption Law Upon the exploration into adoption and the subsequent decision to adopt a child, there are a wide variety of factors that vary depending on the choice to engage in domestic adoption or foreign adoption. While there exist both advantages and disadvantages latent within each process, some of the most common concerns with regard to adoption laws are as follows:Adoption LawsOnce a ..
92. Quick Overview to Mental Illness and Child Offenders
Quick Overview to Mental Illness and Child Offenders When most Americans hear the term "convicted child offender", they automatically assume it is in reference to an adult who has been found guilty of a crime of a sexual naturejuvenile. In terms of mental or psychological illness among child offenders, statistics show that mental illness makes for a fairly solid predictor of other problems for child offenders. One area of notable..
93. Quick Overview to Sexual Child Abuse
Quick Overview to Sexual Child Abuse Sexual child abuse occurs when an adult forces or allows a child to take part in any form of sexual activity in order to experience sexual stimulation. Approximately 90,000 instances of sexual child abuse are reported every year. It is estimated that 25% of women and 15% of men were exposed to sexual child abuse as children. Sexual child abuse includes displaying genitals to a ..
94. Read This Legitimacy Overview
Read This Legitimacy Overview The word legitimacy does not carry the same importance that it did in the past. While it is still used to refer to children born to married parents, a child can be legitimate if their father legally claims them by signing the birth certificate or a paternity acknowledgment. Legitimacy, or the lack thereof, used to determine a child's reputation as well as that of the mothe..
95. South Carolina Guardianship Law
A brief guide to South Carolina guardianship lawPeople who are mentally or physically incapacitated or minor children have their finances looked after by a custodian. This person's functions are separate from those performed by someone appointed under South Carolina guardianship laws to manage their physical health or mental welfare. Many different people may be appointed ..
96. Tennessee Guardianship Law
Guardianship describes the legal, established obligation of an adult to care for a minor or an adult that is otherwise unable to care for themselves or make rational decisions on the health, financial and personal matters.  The limitations on Tennessee guardianship law might require a separate Conservator to deal with financial issues for the protected person, but ultimate..
97. Texas Guardianship Law
A Quick Guide to Texas Guardianship Texas Guardianships and the LawTexas guardianship is offered to a court-administered person in order to take care of a minor or incapacitated person or their property.  The incapacitated person is referred to as the ward, and there are two different kinds of Texas guardianship.  Under Texas law, a person who takes care of a min..
98. Understanding Altruistic Surrogacy
Understanding Altruistic Surrogacy Altruistic surrogacy may be the only legal form of surrogacy is some states. There are laws preventing surrogate mothers from benefiting financially from the pregnancy. They will, however, receive payment for any bills associated with that pregnancy.They cannot receive compensation for their time or for any other considerations not directly associated with the pregnancy. State ..
99. Understanding DNA
Understanding DNA There are several ways in which one can get a DNA paternity test. DNA paternity tests have become so regularly used that there has been a push to increase convenience, while still maintaining accuracy.So far, most of those endeavors have been successful. Not only have the paternity tests reached a level of convenience when it comes to obtaining the results in a timely fashion, ..
100. Understanding Kinship Adoption
Understanding Kinship Adoption A sad fact of our society is that men and women have babies of whom they cannot take care. One possible solution to this dilemma is the birth mother or birth parents agreeing to a kinship adoption.           Kinship adoption involves the placement of children with relatives of the birth parents. Depending on the preferences of the new adoptive pare..
101. Understanding The Court's Role
Understanding The Court's Role In the family law case of Abu-Nadal v. Abu-Nadal a fifteen year old girl lived in Ohio with her family. Her parents requested that she marry a man in her home country of Jordan, and she did. Soon after the marriage occurred she returned to Ohio and continued to live with her parents.The girl was attempting to get a divorce from the man that she married. When this family law cas..
102. Understanding The Courts Role in Legal Guardianship
Understanding The Courts Role in Legal Guardianship The court plays an essential role in setting and maintaining guardianship laws. Under existing guardianship law the court must authorize a legal guardianship. Therefore, an individual must file a petition with the court in order to obtain guardianship of a minor or disabled adult. Once the paperwork has been filed, a hearing will take place in front of a judge. I..
103. Understanding The Different Types of Kidnapping Charges
Understanding The Different Types of Kidnapping Charges There are many different types of kidnapping charges. A person can be charged with kidnapping if they are accused of physically moving another individual without consent. In the case of child abduction, even attempted child abduction, there may be more circumstances that constitute the kidnapping of a child. A child can be kidnapped by a family member or stranger.The kidnapping..
104. Understanding The Federal Role
Understanding The Federal Role The Federal Government plays a large role in enforcing child fostering standards, as do State and local governments. A part of the Government's goal of protecting the American people, is especially the goal of protecting the American children, including foster children.The Federal Ggovernment office that is responsible for overseeing the child fostering standards is the Departm..
105. Vermont Guardianship Law
A brief guide to Vermont guardianshipWhen a person's financial health is managed by another person, that means they are being helped by a custodian. In contrast, Vermont guardianships appoint people to look after the physical and mental well-being of another person who requires assistance. If this kind of VT guardianship involves an adult, there are four categories under which ..