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46. Indiana Guardianship Law
What is Indiana guardianship law?Indiana guardianship law descries the relationship or care between a compensating adult acting as a caretaker and a “protected person,” which is a term that describes those that are disabled.  In order for there to be a guardianship relationship claimed, the protected person must be determined to be unable to manage their affairs and ac..
47. International Adoption Overview
International Adoption Overview International adoption allows hopeful families to provide a safe and loving home for a child facing poverty and possible desolation. International adoptions require collaboration between both countries and the prospective family with the desired adoption agency.         Some approach international adoptions wearily because of preconceived notions on tre..
48. Iowa Guardianship Law
Quick Guide to Iowa GuardianshipsIowa GuardianshipMost laws concerning Iowa guardianships are located in Iowa Code Chapter 633.557.  For a complete listing of all Iowa guardianship laws, visit the updated searchable code under the Iowa Legislature.  The majority of the information about an IA guardianship within this article is found under the Iowa State Association o..
49. Juvenile
Juvenile What is a Juvenile?In law, a juvenile is an individual under the age of majority. In the United States, the age will depend on the particular jurisdiction and application, but is typically 18 in most places—the federal government declares that the official age of majority is 18; however, a state may implement a different age, which may supersede the federal level. Furthermore..
50. Juvenile Law Overview
Juvenile Law Overview In centuries past, a juvenile might have been convicted in a criminal court and sentenced to prison as an adult would for an imprisonable offense, possibly even being forced to work in a separate camp especially designed for juveniles. The primary focus prior to the 19th Century was for children who had done wrong to be punished and detained, rather than to be rehabilitated or ..
51. Kansas Guardianship Law
Quick Guide to Kansas Guardianships under the KGPKansas GuardianshipThe majority of Kansas guardianships occur under the Kansas Guardianship Program (KGP).  In order to apply for guardianship in Kansas, a person must be over the age of 18, have no criminal background, show evidence of responsible finances, and show true concern in caring for the incapacitated adult.  ..
52. Kentucky Guardianship Law
Guide to Kentucky Guardianship LawThere are several different types of people who need a guardian appointed to them according to KY guardianship law.  If you are considering becoming a guardian under Kentucky guardianship law, you need to understand what the law says and what your responsibilities will be.  This guide will teach you some of the basics of KY guardiansh..
53. Know The Age of Consent
Know The Age of Consent Sexual activity among children under the age of 18 is a sensitive subject in the United States. At the family level, many parents dread the day when they will be forced to have "the talk" with their children about sex, where babies come from, and the like. At the legal level, meanwhile, there is debate over when the right age is for young people to become sexually active.Even t..
54. Learn About The Adoption Groups and Organizations
Learn About The Adoption Groups and Organizations The Cradle of Hope Adoption Center is an adoption agency in the full sense of the word and oversees both domestic and international adoption. Dave Thomas FoundationIt was through the success of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers restaurants that the late Dave Thomas became internationally known. As a result of that claim to fame, though, Thomas, an adoptee himself, was able ..
55. Legal Considerations You Must Know
Legal Considerations You Must Know While modern illegitimate children have almost every right that legitimate children have, there are still some things that are unequal. In the past there were no child laws to protect children born out of wedlock. They were denied everything from certain civil rights to property rights. Child laws had to change as more unmarried women gave birth to children. Illegitimate c..
56. Legislative Reforms Overview
Legislative Reforms Overview The increasing number of stories of missing children and suffering families helped to start the missing child movement in the United States. When the average American turned on their televisions and radios, they were bombarded with news outlets speaking of the lack of resources and information in cases of missing children. Several high-profile cases were essential in sparking t..
57. LGBT Surrogacy Information
LGBT Surrogacy Information LGBT Surrogacy DefinitionLesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals sometimes seek a surrogate mother in order to have a child that is biologically-related to at least one parent. Often, intended parents may utilize eggs or sperm from both partners so that they are not aware of which parent is actually biologically-related to the child. They do this in hopes of avoiding..
58. Louisiana Guardianship Law
A brief guide to Louisiana guardianshipWhen a person is mentally or physically incapable of caring for themselves, the court system may intervene to ensure that they are properly cared for. Many different people can be appointed to Louisiana guardianships. The process of being appointed to this kind of position is complicated and lengthy. Obtaining a Louisiana guardianship is n..
59. Maine Guardianship Law
  What is Guardianship Law?   A guardianship, in the United States, is a legal relationship formed when an, individual or institution named in a will or assigned by a court, takes care of minor children for an incompetent or missing adult. Also referred to as a conservatorship, guardianship law is observed to offer a child in need of parental advisory w..
60. Minnesota Guardianship
The Laws of Minnesota GuardianshipIt’s an extremely complex legal niche, so the ultimate best piece of advice to give here is to consult a quality attorney specializing in the guardianship process and application.For these purposes, though, you can expect to know this about the guardianship process and application:What Is a “Legal Guardian” Under the Guardianship Process ..