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61. Minnesota Guardianship Law
The Laws of Minnesota GuardianshipIt’s an extremely complex legal niche, so the ultimate best piece of advice to give here is to consult a quality attorney specializing in the guardianship process and application.For these purposes, though, you can expect to know this about the guardianship process and application:What Is a “Legal Guardian” Under the Guardianship Process ..
62. North Dakota Guardianship Law
A brief guide to North Dakota guardianshipChildren who have no one to care for them, as well as mentally or physically incapacitated adults, require care from responsible adults. While custodians look after such people's finances, North Dakota guardianships are appointed to ensure that their physical and mental wellbeing is also being looked after. This position entails a great..
63. Oklahoma Guardianship Law
Guide to Oklahoma Guardianship LawBecoming a guardian to a child or a disabled person requires going through a court hearing in Oklahoma.  Understanding OK guardianship law can help you decide whether you want the responsibility of being a guardian.  This guide will explain some of the situations in which Oklahoma guardianship law comes into effect and the types of gu..
64. Oregon Guardianship Law
Guide to Oregon Guardianship LawIf you are considering becoming a guardian in Oregon, you need to understand OR guardianship law.  Oregon guardianship law applies any time a child or disabled person is unable to make decisions for themselves.  Guardianship is a serious responsibility, and learning more about OR guardianship law can help you to make an informed decisio..
65. Overview of the Department of Juvenile Justice Programs
Overview of the Department of Juvenile Justice Programs While juvenile justice by name is child-oriented, this does not mean that the care of child suspects and juvenile delinquents should come at the expense of the rest of the State. Thus, a Department of Juvenile Justice is bound to place the safety of the public on a par with the welfare of the child and include the protection of both populations as points of paramount import..
66. Paternity Test Regular Overview
Paternity Test Regular Overview A paternity test is the most common method of resolving any dispute related to the paternity of a child. The paternity test can take several forms, but all forms currently in use are more than 99 percent accurate. Challenging the findings of a paternity test is not likely to be successful due to the strong science backing the tests.Free Paternity TestObtaining a free paternity ..
67. Pennsylvania Guardianship Law
Guide to Pennsylvania GuardianshipIf you are considering PA guardianship for a child or a disabled adult, you may be wondering what you can expect from the family court system.  Pennsylvania guardianship is a major commitment for any person, and should not be taken lightly.  This guide will explain some of the reasons that a child or disabled adult may need guardiansh..
68. Puerto Rico Guardianship Law
Guide to Puerto Rico GuardianshipIn situations where a person is unable to make basic decisions for themselves, Puerto Rican courts may appoint a legal guardian for that person.  Both children and disabled people may qualify for guardians under PR guardianship law.  This guide will give you a basic overview of Puerto Rico guardianship laws so that you can understand w..
69. Quick and Easy Overview to Open Adoption Records
Quick and Easy Overview to Open Adoption Records An open adoption record works on two levels. For one, it signifies to adoptees and birth parents seeking this information that the child was in fact adopted in a court of law and not simply birthed to the adoptive parents. Understandably, most states will seal records of an adoption to the general public, but some question whether biological parents should be so prohibited. In ..
70. Quick Overview of Coinage of Bastardy
Quick Overview of Coinage of Bastardy The term bastardy used to refer to a child born to an unmarried mother. Another word for bastardy is illegitimate. Both words have fallen out of common usage. The term that is commonly used today is out of wedlock. However, for centuries bastard was used to describe a child born to unwed parents.The word bastard was less of a legal term than an insult. In fact, the word bastard..
71. Quick Overview of Financial Emancipation for Children
Quick Overview of Financial Emancipation for Children One of the popular reasons in which a minor may decide to pursue emancipation from their parents is for financial purposes. Child law recognizes two different forms of financial emancipation. Partial emancipation occurs when a minor is released from their parents’ care for a specified period of time, or if the minor is released from one aspect of their pare..
72. Quick Overview of Governing Laws Marital Emancipation
Quick Overview of Governing Laws Marital Emancipation To allow a minor to marry, the judge will determine whether the union is in the best interest of both parties. In some states, child laws regarding marriage are even stricter. For example, in the State of Nebraska, notarized parental consent is required for any individual under the age of nineteen who is applying for marriage. In Mississippi, child law sets the minimum age..
73. Quick Overview of LGBT Adoption
Quick Overview of LGBT Adoption Most challenges to popular notions of the perfect American nuclear family have a tendency to draw the ire of those who espouse more traditional, conservative values. In particular, attempts of the LGBT community to claim the same legal privileges as those of straight men and women provide fodder for debates over gay rights every day. Certainly, one of the biggest issues that LG..
74. Quick Overview of LGBT Surrogacy Definition
Quick Overview of LGBT Surrogacy Definition Gay surrogacy is generally arranged through a surrogate agency. Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community generally have no other option in order to have children that are biologically-related to them.In some cases, they may use artificial insemination to achieve pregnancy, but they are sometimes unable to utilize this option. For instance, gay men would ..
75. Quick Overview of Paternity in Question
Quick Overview of Paternity in Question No parent ever wants to be placed in a situation where they have to prove or disprove paternity. When it comes to proving paternity, one of the methods that is most common is to take a swab paternity test. When using the swab method to prove paternity, the process is quite simple.In order to prove paternity using the swab test, a person uses a provided swab to gather their DNA,..