5 Facts that you didn’t Know About Marijuana

5 Facts that you didn’t Know About Marijuana The Biological Science of Marijuana

Marijuana is a naturally occurring, controlled-substance which is classified as a plant that sprouts from Marijuana seeds; individuals granted the expressed permission to grow Marijuana are required to be in both receipt of permission to do so mandated – and authorized by the jurisdictional government body in question. Marijuana produces a wide range of effects in the user, including lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion, paranoia, lethargy, increased hunger, and hallucination; their pointed leaves can serve as the most primary method of the identification of Cannabis plants.

The Cultivation of Marijuana

Unless granted the expressed permission by applicable, governmental departments, undertaking any means of growing, possessing, using, selling, transporting, or buying Marijuana is a punishable and illegal act. In the event that an individual is granted authorization to undertake the growth of Marijuana, these individuals may undertake of a cross-fertilization process, which involves the fertilization of seeds derived from the Cannabis plant, which are found naturally occurring in nature. 

The male marijuana plant can be cross-fertilized with the female marijuana plant in order to create the drug – marijuana plants can be grown above or below water and can range from one to seven feet in height.

Marijuana: Controlled Substance vs. Illegal Drug

A substance or item whose use, possession, or purchase undertaken in a legal fashion is permissible with regard to applicable jurisdictional statutory legislature; in order for # to be considered as such, the individual in possession of Marijuana will be required to obtain the expressed permission granted from the Federal Government of the United States and the prescription of Marijuana from a certified medical practitioner. 

In contrast to the usage and possession of controlled substances, whose legality is contingent upon authorized permission granted by regulatory institutions and professionals, Marijuana usage and possession classified as illegal are uniformly prohibited.

The Medical Marijuana Debate

Medical Marijuana is a strain of Marijuana plants and Marijuana seeds that has been deemed as valuable and effective in the treatment of a number of medical – and health – maladies, including certain types of cancer and glaucoma. Medical Marijuana can be prescribed to specific patients residing in specific locations upon being granted expressed permission from an approved and accredited health professional:

Any activity that takes place involving Medical Marijuana existing outside of its intended usage is a punishable offense

As of June of 2011, 17 States within the United States of America permit varying degrees of medicinal marijuana usage, possession and cultivation; however, this permission must be authorized by the applicable State legislature in order to be considered legal

Reporting Illegal Marijuana Usage

Regardless of the degree of usage or quantity of Marijuana - or any other type of illegal substance – illegal Marijuana use, possession, and sales are a very serious offense, which risk damage, harm, and destruction onto individual wellbeing, as well as the community at large. Please contact the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) their telephone number (202) 307-1000 or your local ‘Crime-Stoppers’ organization if you have any information.

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