Celebrex Dosage

Celebrex Dosage


A brief guide to Celebrex dosage

The prescription medication Celebrex is issued in tablets ranging from 50 to 400 mg. Arthritic patients, as well as women experiencing menstrual pain, will often be issued a Celebrex 200mg dosage. The amount of the appropriate Celebrex dosing will be determined by a physician with an understanding of your medical needs. Patients must follow physician guidelines and not exceed their prescribed Celebrex dosage in order to use this drug as safely as possible.

A Celebrex 200mg dosage can be administered in the form of a single tablet. For most arthritic and menstruating patients, this will be the maximum standard Celebrex dosing. The Celebrex dosage may be only 100mg if this is found to be efficacious for relieving symptoms. Physicians will always attempt to prescribe the lowest possible Celebrex dosing. Continued treatment with a Celebrex 200mg dosage or at any strength increases the risk of severe adverse reactions including heart attacks and strokes.

Whatever the Celebrex dosage, the drug should not be issued to patients who have experienced allergic reactions to aspirin. This is an indication that any Celebrex dosing will be unsafe and should not be attempted. Before issuing a prescription for a Celebrex 200mg dosage or any other strength of the drug, a physician will question you about all medications you are currently taking. A Celebrex dosage may be unsafe in combination with other drugs.

When you begin taking a Celebrex 200mg dosage or any other strength of the drug, be alert for signs of allergic reactions. Skin irritations that ensue after taking a Celebrex dosing can develop in serious and potentially life-threatening conditions. Shortness of breath and facial swelling following the ingestion of a Celebrex dosage also require immediate medical attention. 

Keep a physician informed of any prolonged discomfort after taking a Celebrex 200mg dosage or any other strength of the drug, including symptoms such as discomfort and nausea. Keep in mind that use of a Celebrex dosing may result in an ulcer at any time. Any kind of digestive discomfort after taking a Celebrex dosage may indicate internal bleeding or similar complications. These should be reported to a doctor who can decide whether to discontinue Celebrex 200mg treatment or use of the drug at any strength.

In addition to listening carefully to a physician's guidance and asking questions, before taking a Celebrex dosing you should read all information provided by the manufacturer. This documentation provides an overview of the risks associated with taking any Celebrex dosage. By reading this information before committing to treatment with Celebrex 200mg or any other form of the drug, you are absolving the manufacturer of responsibility for adverse effects they have warned patients about.

If you believe a doctor was insufficiently attentive in responding to your reports of side effects resulting from a Celebrex dosing, you may wish to speak with a lawyer about seeking compensation in civil court. Filing a malpractice lawsuit is not something that a non-attorney will be capable of doing properly. Seek out a lawyer experienced in handling such cases.


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