Cambodian refugees

Cambodian refugees Currently, residents of Cambodian descent comprise less than one percent of the population of the United States. Thus, in relative terms, Cambodian immigrationrefugeesmurderNevertheless, the nation and its people did survive, and relevant to the pursuit of immigration in America, there were approximately 150,000 Cambodian refugees that had made their way to American shores.

With such a large number of individuals arriving from Cambodia, while refugee status certainly needed to be conferred on them, there also needed to be an organized plan to integrate them into American society. It was not as if United States immigration officials could simply dump Cambodian refugees en masse in a particular neighborhood and hope that they could survive or that a particular metropolitan area could support them.

Consequently, a more tactical resettlement program for these Cambodian refugees was chosen. For the sake of efficiency without detriment to the economy, the refugees were spread out across the country. Eventually though, in coming over from Cambodia, refugee migrants would come to assimilate themselves in locations based on prior established communities of Cambodian refugees. Refugee statistics, indicate that the largest Cambodian refugee communities in the United States exist in California, Massachusetts, Washington and Texas. 

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