King County Sheriff’s Office

King County Sheriff’s Office The current King County Sheriff is Sue Rahr; she and the staff of the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) are dedicated to protecting the many residents of King County through well-practiced law enforcement, governed by the standards of integrity, services, leadership and teamwork.  

As the King County Sheriff, Sue Rahr is responsible for managing all divisions of law enforcement under her jurisdiction, making critical decisions regarding law enforcement, and processing important legal documents.

The different divisions of law enforcement under the KCSO are broken down into larger categories; there is the patrol division, the investigative division, fingerprinting, support, and the 911 center. Each area is tailored to its own specifications and duties. 

The patrol units are the basic crime fighting force; these are the individuals that handle traffic violations and misdemeanor cases. The investigative division is the team that goes after the larger cases and documents all evidence that can be found, in order to apprehend the assailant who has evaded the police.  The 911 center is the dispatch and communications area that takes the emergency calls and sends the proper authorities out to them.

On the King County Sheriff website, there are a number of informational resources provided regarding the various divisions that fall under the King County Sheriff. Furthermore there are also resources regarding public safety, like sex offender registration tools, crime statistics,  current bookings, wanted criminals, and on-going investigations. All of this information has been made accessible, in order to keep the public informed and aware of their surroundings.

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