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136. Utah Asbestos Laws
Utah has many naturally occurring deposits of asbestos and the mineral was mined here for some time before the dangers related to exposure became apparent.  There are also some light industries that have contributed to the overall number of workers and others that have been exposed to asbestos.  Asbestos building materials also endanger Utah residents, generally due t..
137. Vermiculite Asbestos
Vermiculite is a versatile material that is used for insulation and gardening.  It expands when heat is applied and is a common replacement for soil in some gardening applications, such as aquatic plants.  Vermiculite ranges from colorless to green and brown and can be found in a number of different forms, typically suited to its application.  Vermiculite asbesto..
138. Vermont Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Asbestos and Lead Regulatory Program of the Vermont Department of Health is the leading agency in determining Vermont asbestos abatement procedure, in conjunction with the EPA and other federal agencies.  This responsibility includes certifying contractors to engage in asbestos abatement, ensuring compliances with abatement regulations and providing for the safe dispos..
139. Vermont Asbestos Laws
Although asbestos was once mined here, asbestos contamination is Vermont is very limited and correspondingly, the rates of asbestos related illness are significantly lower than other states.  Vermont was one of the major suppliers of asbestos in the US well into the 20th century.  Many public buildings and government constructions will contain asbestos building materi..
140. Virginia Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Virginia DEQ and Department of Labor and Industry both play a role in Virginia asbestos abatement procedure.  Workers trained in this procedure will be certified by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation through accreditation f training courses and facilitating licensing.  The focus of Virginia asbestos abatement procedure is to ensure..
141. Virginia Asbestos Laws
Virginia has a moderately high rate of asbestos contamination due to the use of asbestos at many jobsites, particularly shipbuilding and manufacturing.  Mining of asbestos materials is also a potential source of contamination.  Virginia’s asbestos deposits are normally underground but mining activities often force the deposits above ground and also cause them to bec..
142. Washington Asbestos Laws
Washington has a higher rate of asbestos related illnesses, owing largely to the presence of industry in the state.  This includes shipbuilding, mining, manufacturing and industrial refining.  As asbestos had a number of versatile applications, it is to be expected that those that worked in these industries are likely to have been exposed to harmful materials.  W..
143. West Virginia Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Asbestos abatement in West Virginia is managed in large part by the West Virginia Radiation, Toxics and Indoor Air Division, which is part of the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health.  The essential functions related to West Virginia asbestos abatement procedure include licensing asbestos abatement contractors, providing essential public information and routinely reviewin..
144. West Virginia Asbestos Laws
West Virginia’s industries, primarily coal and lumber are two industries that are infamous for asbestos contamination.  Asbestos will be present in coal deposits and asbestos was long as used as insulation and fireproofing for both mining and logging machinery.  This compounded by the use of asbestos in related buildings, such as power plants, lumber mills and coal ..
145. What is Actinolite Asbestos?
Actinolite asbestos is a type of fibrous asbestos that is naturally found in a crystalline structure.  The composition of this form of asbestos balances magnesium and iron ions in its structure.  Other forms of asbestos are typically iron or magnesium heavy.  You can identify this asbestos in its natural form by its dull luster and near transparent crystal.  ..
146. What is Amosite Asbestos?
Amosite asbestos is a less common form of asbestos and is also known as brown asbestos or Grunerite.  The name derives from the origin where most of this mineral was mined, in the Asbestos Mines of South Africa.  The brown color derives from the high iron content found in this mineral, which has no magnesium present, unlike other variations of asbestos.  The chem..
147. What is Anthophyllite Asbestos?
Anthophyllite asbestos is a fibrous mineral that varies in color from grey to green and sometimes shades of brown.  In powdered form, it will range from white to grey.  If is usually found in fibrous form, like so many other forms of asbestos.  It is magnesium-rich and can be found all over the United States.  This form of asbestos is the result of metamorph..
148. What is Chrysotile Asbestos?
Chrysotile asbestos is by far the most common asbestos material found in the US and is responsible for the lion’s share of asbestos related claims and injuries.  It is a soft greyish green mineral  with a fibrous nature.  Its fibrous nature means that the material is actually made up of many smaller fibers that are easily separated.  This brittleness helps..
149. What is Crocidolite Asbestos?
Crocidolite asbestos is a blue silicate mineral and is one of the most dangerous forms of asbestos.  It is also known as Riebeckite and aside from its blue color, it is also distinguishable by its sodium content and very fine fibrous strands which are easily lodged in the lungs.  It is because of the nature of this mineral that almost 20% of its miners will die of an ..
150. What is Friable Asbestos?
Friable asbestos refers to any type of brittle asbestos that can crumble with little force or pressure.  Any material that can be broken apart with the hands and contains asbestos is considered friable asbestos and must be removed.What materials contain friable asbestos?These materials are easily crumbled with minimal force and have historically contained some form of asbe..