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106. North Carolina Asbestos Laws
The high concentration of military installations and industries using asbestos has led to a high number of asbestos related illnesses in North Carolina.  North Carolina asbestos law focuses on safe abatement and preventing further exposure to toxic materials.  There are also provisions to train workers and contractors to properly remove asbestos containing materials a..
107. North Dakota Asbestos Abatement Procedure
All aspects of asbestos abatement in North Dakota are handled by the Department of Health’s asbestos control program.  This includes providing asbestos certification and licensing, collecting notification of asbestos projects and proper disposal of asbestos waste.  A contractor license is separate from an asbestos contractor license and will be a perquisite for perf..
108. North Dakota Asbestos Laws
North Dakota has some of the lowest rates of asbestos contamination in the nation due to its sparse population and relative lack of industry.  There is some risk from asbestos-like materials used to pave roadways and small scale manufacturing of insulation using contaminated vermiculite ore from the now closed Libby mine in neighboring Montana.  Federal government man..
109. Occupational Exposure
What is Asbestos?Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that was commonly used as a construction material because of its heat-resistant properties. Because of its heat resistant properties and fiber strength, asbestos has been used to manufacture goods, such as, paper products, floor tiles, shingles, automobile brakes, friction products, packaging, gaskets and coatings. A..
110. Ohio Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The asbestos control program of the Ohio Department of Health is the leading agency in determining Ohio asbestos abatement procedure, in conjunction with the EPA.  The EPA will determine the proper sites for disposing of asbestos construction material and prior notification for these sites.  All other aspects of the asbestos abatement procedure, such as training worke..
111. Ohio Asbestos Laws
Ohio has one of the highest rates of asbestos related illnesses in the nation, due largely to the presence of heavy industry.  Heavy industry widely used asbestos containing materials for insulation and heat-proofing machineries, in addition to the production of products containing asbestos.  Car brakes for example, have asbestos brake pads for centuries and not only ..
112. Oklahoma Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Oklahoma Department of Labor, Air Quality Division is the lead agency in charge of asbestos abatement procedure.  It works in tandem with the Department of Environmental Quality to ensure that asbestos containing materials are disposed of according and in manner that complies with federal laws regarding dumping and air quality.  The Asbestos Division within this d..
113. Oklahoma Asbestos Laws
Like many Midwestern states, the energy industry is the source of asbestos contamination in Oklahoma.  This, in addition to the use of asbestos in household construction materials will be the two sources of asbestos related illness in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma asbestos laws focuses on minimizing the potential for secondary contamination through safe asbestos abatement proce..
114. Oregon Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for ensuring complaints with Oregon asbestos abatement procedure.  This includes the licensing of all professionals that work with asbestos containing materials, inspecting sites undergoing abatement and accrediting courses that train workers in proper procedure.  Many homes will have asbestos containing ma..
115. Oregon Asbestos Laws
Shipyards and mining are the two sources of asbestos in Oregon and the state has a moderate level of asbestos related illnesses when compared to other states.  The use of asbestos as insulating materials on machinery was also present at many of Oregon’s lumber mills and workers there generally have a higher than average risk of developing asbestos related illnesses. &nbs..
116. Paraoccupational Secondary Exposure
Para occupational Secondary ExposureAsbestos Explained:Asbestos is a naturally occurring element that was commonly used as a construction material because of its heat-resistant properties. Its popularity was brought about by its core properties, including its electricity, ability to absorb and incredible resistance to heat. Moreover, in regards to cost and practicality, asbesto..
117. Pennsylvania Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for a large share of the responsibility in regards to Pennsylvania asbestos abatement procedure.  This includes collecting notification of asbestos abatement projects, inspecting work sites and informing the public on the dangers of asbestos in the home and workplace.  The Department of Labor for P..
118. Pennsylvania Asbestos Laws
Basic Overview: Pennsylvania Asbestos LawsBecause of the serious problems imposed by asbestos exposure, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulates the collection, removal, disposal and transportation of asbestos containing products from all commercial and public buildings in the state. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection does not regul..
119. Professional Asbestos Removal
What is an asbestos removal professional?Asbestos removal professionals are contactors certified by the EPA or state authority to carry out asbestos abatement, working on the advice of an asbestos inspector.  Asbestos removal is a separate licensing procedure from typical contracting work and requires the professional to demonstrate knowledge on the dangers of asbestos as ..
120. Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements
Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements for Waste Disposal     As you can imagine, preventing asbestos waste from harming others through improper disposal and other exposure is a priority for the EPA, hence very stringent regulations on the disposal of this waste.  Every amount of asbestos waste that is generated from a construction site will be sub..