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76. Maine Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Maine asbestos abatement procedure falls under the purview of the Waste Management division of the Department of Environment Protection.  Following federal standards and state laws, this division will certify lawyers in asbestos abatement, formulate plans for asbestos abatement in schools and set the Maine asbestos abatement procedure for most structures.  The DEP wil..
77. Maine Asbestos Laws
Shipbuilding is the primary source of asbestos contamination in the state of Maine.  Shipbuilding involved the use of asbestos materials to insulate machinery as well as protect surfaces from exposure to fire or water.  Since ships are confined spaces, concentrations of asbestos containing materials remained high, especially during construction.  The spray able a..
78. Maryland Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Maryland asbestos abatement procedure is the responsibility of the Maryland Department of the Environment.  The role of this agency is to ensure that federal standards for the control and removal of asbestos are met through licensing of asbestos abatement contractors, regulations on properties and schools and referring persons to laboratories that can test materials on the..
79. Maryland Asbestos Laws
Maryland has a history of asbestos mining deposits, shipbuilding and industrial locations such as steel mills.  All three contribute to wide asbestos exposure prior to the damage from asbestos being made apparent.  The shipyards were especially susceptible to contamination from asbestos, due in no small part to the confident nature of the ships and the widespread use ..
80. Massachusetts Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Massachusetts DEP is responsible for Massachusetts asbestos abatement procedure, which generally focuses on removing friable material, authorizing building demolition and certifying asbestos professionals for proper inspection and abatement.  This is accomplished with the cooperation of the MassDEP and Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards.  The Massachusett..
81. Massachusetts Asbestos Laws
Residents of Massachusetts have been exposed to asbestos in a number of ways, typically through shipbuilding and industry.  The failure of employers to heed warning about asbestos and the wide use of materials has led to a number of illnesses related to asbestos.  The Massachusetts DEP is responsible for applying federal mandates into the Massachusetts asbestos laws. ..
82. Michigan Asbestos Abatement Procedure
There are a number of asbestos abatement procedures, set by both the federal government and the Michigan DEP.  This includes mandatory training courses and contractor licensing.  All others must receive accreditation in order to perform asbestos abatement.  This tight regulation helps keep the potentially lucrative asbestos abatement business from spiraling out o..
83. Michigan Asbestos Laws
Michigan has one of the highest rates of asbestos contamination and illness in the country, most due to the industries based there.  Automotive parts used to contain forms of asbestos and in fact, some cars may still have these parts.  In using asbestos as insulation and braking pads, automotive workers and mechanics, typically working in areas with less than ideal ve..
84. Minnesota Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Minnesota asbestos abatement procedures are coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Health, with the cooperation of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for waste disposal.  In addition to informing the public on the dangers of asbestos, the MDH in coordination with the Minnesota Department of Labor will license and train individuals in proper Minnesota asbestos abate..
85. Minnesota Asbestos Laws
Minnesota has a relatively high rate of asbestos related illnesses and deaths, with most being due to the mining industry.  As is typical with vulnerable classes of individuals that were exposed to asbestos, mining takes place in a poor ventilated, enclosed area that almost certainly ensures that concentrations from even the smallest of asbestos deposits will be present an..
86. Mississippi Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Department of Environment Quality administers Mississippi asbestos abatement procedure, through accrediting and certifying the only individuals in the state that are authorized to perform inspections and abatement.  All structures except small single family homes are subject to regulations that ensure that asbestos is not removed improperly or secondary contamination d..
87. Mississippi Asbestos Laws
Mississippi is not considered particularly rife with asbestos risks, but all homes and structures built before 1980 are very likely to be contaminated with asbestos building materials.  The aftermath of hurricane Katrina made this apparent after the destruction destroyed many homes and exposed previously non-friable deposits of asbestos.  Those that worked with asbest..
88. Missouri Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Most states delegate the responsibility of enforcing federal mandates on asbestos abatement to a state agency.  For the state of Missouri, this state entity is the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  Missouri asbestos abatement procedure focuses on minimizing risks to abatement workers and the environment.  In addition, specific guidelines for removal and ..
89. Missouri Asbestos Laws
The sources of asbestos contamination in Missouri include industry and mining.  The auto industry, while not as prevalent as in Michigan used asbestos in brakes, gaskets and other insulation up until the 1980s.  Workers and mechanics at these plants were exposed to debris and dangerous residual fibers.  Mining plays a big role in Missouri’s economy and iron as ..
90. Montana Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Federal agencies still control most parts of the Montana asbestos abatement procedure with the EPA dealing with regulations regarding school buildings and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration dealing with worker safety and protocol in the workplace.  All other mandates, such as regulations on dumping and disposal are reflected in Montana asbestos law.  th..