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31. Asbestos Management
How do I manage an asbestos problem?Your plan of action for an asbestos problem depends on the severity of the asbestos expose.  Home that have exposed friable asbestos almost certainly have a major asbestos problem and this will result in an asbestos emergency.  All other applications of asbestos that are not exposed can be subject to asbestos abatement.  Some a..
32. Asbestos NESHAP Adequately Wet Guidance
What is the Asbestos NESHAP Adequately Wet Guidance Clause?The Asbestos NESHAP Adequately Wet Guidance Clause is a document prepared under contract to agencies of the United States Government. The Asbestos NESHAP Adequately Wet Guidance Clause was written by Alliance Technologies, based on discussions with work groups of the Environmental Protection Agency. These groups consist..
33. Asbestos Professionals
What does an Asbestos Professional Do?Asbestos professionals are certified individuals responsible for removing, testing and inspecting asbestos in residential and commercial properties. Because asbestos presents numerous health risks, hiring a professional is highly recommended for renovation, demolition or abatement projects. Note, an asbestos professional will only be requir..
34. Asbestos Project Plan
What is the Asbestos Project Plan?The Asbestos Project Plan is a government-produced pamphlet that agglomerates all of the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent actions and regulations regarding asbestos use. The Asbestos Project Plan offers a framework for a coordinated agency-wide approach to evaluate, identify and in general, reduce the risks associated with asbestos ex..
35. Asbestos Strategies Project
What is the Asbestos Strategies Project?The asbestos strategies project is an initiative of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to take stock of recent experiences with potential options and solutions regarding the management and use of asbestos. The primary objective of the Asbestos Strategies Project was to provide recommendations and strategies for effective as..
36. Asbestos Test
What is an Asbestos Test?An asbestos test is a precautionary test implemented to detect asbestos in commercial or residential materials. Asbestos tests are necessary if a product is thought to contain asbestos fibers. The compulsory nature of this test is derived from asbestos’s inherently dangerous characteristics—studies have revealed that prolonged exposure to asbestos g..
37. Asbestos Worker Protection
What is the Asbestos Worker Protection Clause?The Asbestos Worker Protection Clause is a subsection of the Federal Register Environmental Plan (Toxic Substances Control Act) that was passed in November of 2000. This particular subpart protects certain state and local government employees who are not protected under the Asbestos Standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Ad..
38. California Asbestos Abatement Procedures
All California asbestos abatement companies must be licensed by the state of California and follow the appropriate regulations applicable to the type of asbestos being removed.  California asbestos abatement procedures are strict as there is the inherent danger in having amateurs remove the hazardous material and cause harm to them with even greater exposure.  If prop..
39. California Asbestos Laws
California leads the country in asbestos related illnesses with naturally occurring asbestos present in all counties, the presence of shipyards that used asbestos materials, mining enterprises that did not take precautions against the spread of asbestos particles and multiple Superfund environmental disaster sites.Where has there been asbestos in California?Many Navy veterans a..
40. Chrysotile Asbestos
What is Chrysotile Asbestos?Chrysotile asbestos is by far the most common asbestos material found in the US and is responsible for the lion’s share of asbestos related claims and injuries.  It is a soft greyish green mineral  with a fibrous nature.  Its fibrous nature means that the material is actually made up of many smaller fibers that are easily separated. ..
41. Colorado Asbestos Abatement Procedures
State governments have the responsibility to carry out standards and mandates set by federal agencies such as the EPA and OHSA.  The EPA will focus on the environmental impact of asbestos waste, exposure and dumping while the OHSA will enforce mandates that protect workers from harmful exposure to asbestos.  Among the state responsibilities are to set the Colorado asb..
42. Colorado Asbestos Laws
Like other states, Colorado’s industrial past is the leading contributor to asbestos contamination and illness in the state.  Those that worked in construction are also at high risk to become sickened by asbestos exposure.  Although the federal government sets the rules on asbestos safety in the workplace and in the environment, it is the responsibility of the state..
43. Connecticut Asbestos Abatement Procedures
When deal with Connecticut asbestos abatement procedures it is important to follow all of them thoroughly to avoid causing harm to yourself or your family.  Those that violate Connecticut asbestos abatement procedures also place themselves in danger of financial penalties too, from improper abatement and disposal.  Having a certified and licensed asbestos removal prof..
44. Connecticut Asbestos Laws
The shipbuilding industry is the primary source of asbestos contamination in Connecticut.  All that worked in shipyard constructing and maintaining ships from World War II onward are at greatly increased risk of showing asbestos related illness in later years.  Construction and industrial workers are also at some risk, depending on their level of exposure and time spe..
45. Crocidolite Asbestos
What is Crocidolite asbestos?Crocidolite asbestos is a blue silicate mineral and is one of the most dangerous forms of asbestos.  It is also known as Riebeckite and aside from its blue color, it is also distinguishable by its sodium content and very fine fibrous strands which are easily lodged in the lungs.  It is because of the nature of this mineral that almost 20% ..