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61. Idaho Asbestos Abatement Procedure
There is little regulation on the state level for Idaho asbestos abatement procedure as most of this responsibility is differed to the EPA.  The Idaho department of environmental quality will perform some administrative duties in regards to providing information about asbestos safety and assessing compliance with EPA regulations for large scale asbestos abatement projects...
62. Idaho Asbestos Laws
Idaho is not a state with prevalent asbestos contamination, although it will be found in many homes and other structures.  Idaho does however have the unique distinction of ceding its responsibility for asbestos control, inspection and regulation back to the EPA.  In addition, instead of licensing individuals to perform asbestos abatement or inspections, the state of ..
63. Illinois Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The high rate of asbestos related illness in Illinois has led to regulations that exceed those set by the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.  Illinois asbestos abatement procedure is determined and regulated with the Illinois Department of the Environment and the Department of Public Health.  Together, these organizations ensure compliance with ..
64. Illinois Asbestos Laws
How Does the Government Legally Define Asbestos?The United States Environmental Protection Agency formally defines asbestos as a mineral fiber, often found in construction materials—due to its fire-retardant and insulating properties—that contains carcinogenic after effects if inhaled.Because of the asbestos’s fiber strength, the mineral was commonly used to fortify a num..
65. Indiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management sets the Indiana asbestos abatement procedure in accordance with state and federal law.  This organization handles notification, disposal and licensing of individuals allowed to engage in asbestos abatement.  All demolition and renovation on structures that are not residential homes will need to be approved through th..
66. Indiana Asbestos Laws
Those that have work in manufacturing and any number of industries in Indiana may have been exposed to asbestos materials, which is consistent with other workers around the country.  Asbestos was vaunted as a miracle material that could withstand high temperatures, repeal water and insulate any number of structures.  This means that all possible forms of asbestos, bar..
67. Iowa Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Iowa Department of Environmental Management sets the Iowa asbestos abatement procedure in accordance with state and federal law.  This organization handles notification, disposal and licensing of individuals allowed to engage in asbestos abatement.  All demolition and renovation on structures that are not residential homes will need to be approved through the IDEM..
68. Iowa Asbestos Laws
While Iowa does not have particularly high rates of expose and asbestos related illnesses, those that work in Iowa’s robust manufacturing industry may have been exposed to the material.  Asbestos was a key ingredient in a number of applications, including fire and waterproofing.  The heat resistance factor even made it a key component in brank pads.  Iowa’s a..
69. Kansas Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment works with federal standards to create Kansas asbestos abatement procedure.  This abatement will primarily take place in former factories and refineries, but will also apply to houses built before 1980.  Who may remove asbestos in Kansas?The state will certify inspectors to check for asbestos and use available methods, i..
70. Kansas Asbestos Laws
In even the smallest of states, the impact of asbestos is often felt.  This is true for construction in the state of Kansas as well as the industries based in this state.  The aviation industry used asbestos in particular, for high friction and durable aircraft brakes.  Although Boeing has eliminated the use of asbestos, there are a number of employees that were ..
71. Kentucky Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Division for Air Quality, which is a part of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, is responsible for the enforcement of federal standards for controlling asbestos emissions and exposure.  Kentucky adopted the NESHAP regulations in full and will certify contractors, inspectors and workers in Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure.  Following this pr..
72. Kentucky Asbestos Laws
There are many industries that exposed their works to harmful asbestos fibers and this is true of the mining industry in Kentucky.  Mining and construction are occupations that carry serious hazards, almost completely due to the fact that most of the work will take place in confined areas with less than ideal ventilation.  When combined with a lack of safety equipment..
73. Louisiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The federal government has long sent standards for asbestos abatement and management, so Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure will largely reflect federal classifications and guidelines.  The Department of Environment Quality administers Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure, which includes certifying professionals to test for and remove asbestos containing materials. &..
74. Louisiana Asbestos Laws
Hurricane Katrina brought asbestos into the headlines after the devastation caused structures with asbestos containing materials to expel potentially toxic fibers.  This destruction and subsequent demolition of damaged properties ensured that those that remained in the area are at higher risk for potential asbestos related illness.  Although we know now that asbestos ..
75. Lung Cancer
Asbestos and Lung CancerLung cancer is one of the most prevalent asbestos related diseases and combined with asbestos and mesothelioma, contribute to a high mortality rate for those that have worked with asbestos for decades without adequate protection.  The major risk from asbestos is the fact that it does not break down in the body, as it is a very durable compound. &nbs..