Arlington Realtors

Arlington Realtors The city of Arlington is found within Arlington County in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Arlington will prove to be one of the central cities of the state, and even the entire nation. Many of the Federal Government offices are located in the city, including the Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Department of the Navy. 

Being a popular suburb of the nation's capital, it is also considered to be among the most affluent, industrious, and riches cities in the country. Arlington is among the highest median household income cities in the nation, and is considered to be one the best places to live in the United States. Such factors play a monument role for Arlington realtors, due to real estate being a very valuable commodity in the city.

Due to the average household income for a family being over $125,000, it is of no surprise that homes and property in Arlington will reflect high figures as well. The average listing price is nearly $670,000, with a median sales price of just under $500,000. 

Arlington realtors are also experiencing a very stable and increasing real estate market, with nearly all ten percent of homes in the city being worth over one million dollars. Furthermore, the city has less than one percent homes in foreclosure. Such factors can infer that Arlington realtors are certainly thriving from the city's inherent affluent nature.

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