Colorado Sheriff's Department

Colorado Sheriff's Department The Colorado Sheriff’s Departments can be found throughout the state. These are law enforcement departments that work on all areas of law enforcement aspects, from the smallest crimes, to the largest ones. 

Douglas County Sheriff

The current Douglas County Sheriff is a individual who has dedicated himself to law enforcement and is known to be a mentor to people inside and out of the Sheriff’s office. The formal responsibilities the Sheriff has are: administrative duties, civil document write ups, tasking of assignments, and implementing policies and procedures to further the efficacy of the Sheriff’s office.

Jefferson County Sheriff

The Jefferson County Sheriff, over his past couple of terms, has been able to implement many new initiatives in order to foster a safer environment in the County. He has implemented stronger traffic regulations, and has made a sex offender database accessible to the public. These are just a couple of the many initiatives he has worked on through his career.

Weld County Sheriff

The Weld County Sheriff is tasked with ensuring that the Sheriff’s office and those who are working in it are in accordance with the federal laws. Furthermore, this particular position requires an individual who has good organizational, creative and administrative skills, in to make sure the office can implement proper services for the community.

Pueblo County Sheriff

The Pueblo County Sheriff is the head of the Sheriff’s department. This is the individual who tasks officials and instructs them regarding law enforcement duties. Smaller duties can be anything from parade or security duties. The larger duties can investigative is regarding serious crimes, like theft, rape, homicide. 

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