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31. An Overview of Utilizing Computer Networks
An Overview of Utilizing Computer Networks In the past few years, the number of computer crimes has risen due to the ease of crimes utilizing computers as a tool to commit unlawful acts. These computer crimes include computer fraud, phishing scams, identity theft, cyberstalking, and information/cyber warfare. Most of the time, these tactics are carried out in order to achieve some sort of financial, personal, political,..
32. An Overview to Assault and Battery
An Overview to Assault and Battery Battery (Tort)  Legal recourse for the victims of acts of battery exist under both civil and tort law. A key difference in the ways in which the two systems address such cases exist in the degree to which they require the intent of the actor to be established in order for him or her to be considered liable. Under criminal law, the intent of the actor to accomplish a d..
33. An Overview to Battery Tort
An Overview to Battery Tort The concept of battery exists under both criminal and tort (civil) law. One of the main areas of difference between how criminal and civil legal system determine that an act has taken place lies in the degree to which an intent to commit battery must be established on the part of the charges of the accused. In order to convict a person under criminal law of having committed bat..
34. An Overview to Specific Assault Laws
Specific assault laws on the books in the United States provide a means for certain instances of assault to be defined as markedly egregious, not necessarily according to the degree of severity with which it was accomplished, but rather as determined by the identity of the victim targeted. A finding that an occurrence of assault constitutes such a case can lead to it incurring ..
35. Arson Charge Explained
Arson Charge Explained What is Arson?Arson is a felony that is recognized in the majority of developed nations throughout the world. An individual will receive a charge of arson if they intentionally and maliciously set fire to a structure or wooded area.The criminal codes and statutes for an arson charge will vary based upon the location in which the action was committed. Arson is held separate from..
36. Assault Defined
Assault Defined What is Assault?Assault is a legal infraction that is recognized by all 50 states in the United States. The term ‘assault’ encompasses a threatened or attempted physical attack against an individual by a person who appears to have the ability to cause bodily harm. In order to be classified as assault, the threat must create a sense of apprehension or fear for the victi..
37. Be Informed About Harassment
Be Informed About Harassment What is Harassment?Harassment is a claim brought forth by an individual who contends that they were the victim of unsolicited, unwelcomed, uninvited, offensive, and inappropriate advances or speech considered to be intrusive or threatening in nature. A wide range of harassment allegations exist. Harassment can take place in any social or interpersonal setting.Harassment vs. Jes..
38. Bernard Ebbers
Bernard Ebbers   In 1983, businessman Bernard Ebbers was one of several investors in the company known as Long Distance Discount Services Inc. In 1985, Bernard Ebbers became CEO of the company, which would eventually become WorldCom. Under his direction the company grew, but Bernard Ebbers resigned from the company in April 2002. On June 25, 2002 the company announced that its ..
39. Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik   Bernard Kerik   Bernard Kerik is the first former New York Police Department Commissioner to be sentenced to prison. He was appointed to the position of Police Commissioner in August of 2000 and ended his service in this capacity in December of 2001. During his time serving in this capacity, Bernard Kerik met then-president George W. Bush and impre..
40. Blackmail Defined
Blackmail Defined General Legal Context for BlackmailBlackmail is generally considered a crime, and is typically constituted by the action of making a promise or threat as to the disclosure of information bearing on the subject of that information in a way found undesirable by that individual or group. The item of information named in an act of blackmail and used to allow this criminal form of c..
41. Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter   What is a Bounty Hunter? A bounty hunter helps to capture a fugitive and receives a monetary reward for their services.  The person who captures fugitives is often referred to as a bail enforcement agent or a fugitive recovery agent as well.  The person usually works for a bail bondsman, and the enforcement agent is usually paid about 10 percent o..
42. Brandon Teena
Brandon Teena   Brandon Teena   Brandon Teena was a 1993 murder victim whose death drew attention to discrimination and violence against transgendered person. Brandon Teena was a female who identified as a male. In 1993, Brandon Teena moved to Falls City, Nebraska, where he rented a room in the house of Lisa Lambert. During this time, Brandon Teena befriended..
43. Bruce Rappaport
Bruce Rappaport   Bruce Rappaport   Bruce Rappaport, who died in 2010, was a controversial international banker and philanthropist associated with a number of criminal investigations. He primarily was associated with activities which occurred in Antigua, known as a tax haven for illicit transactions, and was often associated with the nation's controversial prime..
44. Cartels
Cartels Cartels and Their Role in the MarketA cartel is an explicit or formal agreement among firms that are in competition with each other. By creating a cartel, it sets up a formal organization of manufacturers and produces that decide and agree on fixed prices, production, and marketing to increase the profits of the participants. This allows the participating producers to constrain..
45. Charles Graner
Charles Graner   Charles Graner   Charles Graner was the first soldier to be court-martialed following the public scandal of revelations of the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, a prison maintained by the American military in Baghdad following the invasion of Iraq in 2003. In witness testimony, Charles Graner was generally named as the person instigating the abus..