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91. Know the Difficulty in Addressing a Bribe
Bribery, though easily acknowledged as an undesirable, damaging practice, is very difficult to remove or reduce because of its very nature. A bribe is very often seen in government, perhaps more than in any other area, and the problem of combating bribes within the government is exacerbated dramatically. After all, how does one ensure that the individual who is meant to be enfo..
92. Larceny By Stealth Overview
Larceny By Stealth Overview Larceny by stealth involves the perpetrator stealing the property of another person without the use of force and without being noticed. However, stealing that property must still contain the other elements of larceny in order to be prosecuted. For example, the person must be guilty of stealing the personal property with the intent to permanently prevent the owner from having po..
93. Legal Conspiracy
Legal Conspiracy Civil Law ConspiracyIn civil law, a conspiracy is the creation and operation of an agreement or preconceived plan between two parties (or more) to perform an illegal act that is made with the intention to deprive or damage a third party. Often the elements of a civil conspiracy include:• A concerted action• Involvement of two or more parties• Purpose of action is to ..
94. Legal Definition of Hijacking
Legal Definition of Hijacking What is hijacking?There are many forms of hijacking, but in all instances, the action refers to the illegal usurping of an area or vehicle. The most common form of hijacking is aircraft hijacking, which is the illegal takeover of an airplane or aircraft.Aircraft hijacking refers to the unlawful seizure of an airplane by an individual or a group of individuals. In most hijacking..
95. Lotfi Raissi
Lotfi Raissi   Lotfi Raissi   Lotfi Raissi is an Algerian born airline pilot who was living in England following the attacks of September 11, 2001. He was wrongfully arrested on suspicion of training the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77, which was steered into the Pentagon.   Ten days after the events of September 11, Lotfi Raissi was arreste..
96. Lynne Stewart
Lynne Stewart   Lynne Stewart Until her 2005 conviction for providing material support to terrorists, attorney Lynne Stewart was best known for her controversial defense of a variety of defendants who she represented on ideological grounds. In many interviews, Lynne Stewart said that her upbringing by immigrant parents in Brooklyn had left her strongly predisposed to fight..
97. Manslaughter Defined
Manslaughter Defined What is Manslaughter?Manslaughter is the unintentional killing of another human being.  By definition, it implies that that the murderer is less culpable in that the case against the murderer may lack key elements of typical murder cases such as the intent to kill or malice toward the victim.What is involuntary manslaughter?Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing ..
98. Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson   Michael Thompson   Michael Thompson is a former member of the neo-Nazi prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood. As part of his disassociation from the group, he cooperated with authorities investigating an unsolved murder dating back to 1987.    Michael Thompson went to jail as a young man following two convictions of first-degree murde..
99. Misdemeanor Explained
Misdemeanor Explained What is a Misdemeanor? A misdemeanor, in the majority of legal systems, is regarded as a “lesser” criminal act. Misdemeanors are one of two broad classifications to define a criminal action. A misdemeanor when compared to a felony is typically attached with less severe punishments. Misdemeanors carry administrative infractions, known as regulatory offenses. ..
100. Most Wanted
Most Wanted Most Wanted in the United StatesThere are many different most wanted lists based on the level of government and the government or law enforcement agency involved. The most commonly known one in the United States is the Federal Bureau of Investigations most wanted list that started in the middle of the 20th century.The Ten Most Wanted List is one of the most well know FBI list t..
101. Mussolini
Mussolini The Life and Death of Mussolini Benito Mussolini was most notably a the Fascist leader of the Italian government from  1922 to 1943 and the leader of the National Fascist Party.Mussolini was born in Dova di Predappio in July of 1883. As a young boy he was influenced by his father’s beliefs as a socialist who admired many Italian Nationalists. He later moved to Switz..
102. Offense Defined
Offense Defined What is an Offense?In common law, an offense refers to a violation of penal law. In a general sense, penal law refers to the scope of laws instituted by a governing body in a particular jurisdiction. These laws are enforced by the residing State. If the laws are violated by an individual or entity an offense is realized.All offenses, when committed and properly prosecuted, are ..
103. Osama bin Laden
Osama bin Laden The Life and Death of Osama bin Laden Osama bin Laden is most known for being the leader of al-Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for four major terrorist attack groups against the United States, from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to the September 11 attacks. He has been on the FBI’s top ten list of most wanted fugitives along with the most wanted terrorists li..
104. Overview of Loan Sharking
Overview of Loan Sharking The act of loan sharking is providing unsecured loans to someone. However, the loan shark, who is the lender of the loans, uses an illegal method of charging high interest on the unsecured loan. The interest rates that are used are illegally high. However, the high interest rates are not the only aspect of loan sharking that is illegal.If an individual cannot repay the loan whe..
105. Pedophilia Defined
Pedophilia Defined While pedophilia is not in and of itself a Federal crime in the United States, if this psychiatric disorder causes a person to commit such crimes as child abuse or the acquisition of child pornography, then a pedophile may be subject to arrest and punishment by U.S. Federal authorities. As such, the legal language concerning pedophilia-related crimes can be located in Title 18 ..