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61. DWI
DWI What is a DWI?A DWI is a criminal offense that involves the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Many states will have laws that differ on the definition of a DWI, but generally, a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .08 will be sufficient to establish a DWI.How does alcohol affect the operation of a vehicle?Although the BAC level will de..
62. Edison Misla Aldarondo
  Edison Misla Aldarondo Edison Misla Aldarondo served as a member of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives from 1977 until a series of scandals and legal problems led to his resignation in 2002. The primary legal scandal surrounding Edison Misla Aldarondo had its origins in the mid 1990s, when Puerto Rico began the process of privatizing its formerly state-o..
63. Edwin Kneedler
Edwin Kneedler   Edwin Kneedler Edwin Kneedler is a Justice Department official who briefly served as Acting United States Solicitor General from January 20, 2009 to March 19, 2009. He first entered the Department of Justice in 1975 in the capacity of an employee of the Office of Legal Justice. In 1979, he transferred to the office of the Solicitor General. He was appointed..
64. Embezzlement
Embezzlement What is Embezzlement?Embezzlement is an illegal action which refers to the act of taking money that has been placed in a trust but belongs to another entity or individual. The money in essence is stolen. However, the act of embezzlement requires that the funneling of the capital was initiated by an individual who was responsible for managing or overseeing the funds.A common for..
65. Everything You Need to Know About Deterrence
Criminal laws are often established in order to deter individuals from taking part in detrimental behavior that has been deemed illegal. One of the primary objectives of sentencing individuals who violate criminal laws is deterrence. Laws are developed in order to ensure that the safety and well-being of citizens is protected and upheld. Individuals who disregard these laws end..
66. Execution
Execution Execution in the United StatesLawful execution through the death penalty or capital punishment is the death sentence upon an individual through the judicial process as punishment for an offence by the individual. Crimes that can result in being sentenced to execution are considered capital offenses or capital crimes.Capital is a term that originates from capitalis, a Latin word..
67. Exploitation Defined
Exploitation Defined What is Exploitation?Exploitation is a legal term that refers to the action of using something in a cruel or unjust manner. Typically someone exploits an individual, an object, or a resource for personal gain.In general, exploitation refers to the act of unfairly taking advantage of someone. Exploitation laws vary based on State interpretation. Exploitation is commonly governed..
68. Facts About Counterfeiting
Facts About Counterfeiting What does Counterfeit Mean?A counterfeit refers to an imitation. Something that is created with the intent of fraudulently or spuriously passing it off as a genuine asset or object. Counterfeit products are typically produced with the intent of taking advantage of the true value of the underlying object.The act of counterfeiting is illegal in all 50 states. Any product or objec..
69. Facts on Archaeological Removals and Looting
Archaeological looting continues to be a problem around the world. Criminals have found that items found at archaeological sights can fetch large amounts of money from collectors around the world. Items found at sites are often unique, and therefore, extremely valuable. Items can also be made out of precious metal or include gemstones, which significantly adds to the value of t..
70. Facts You Must Know About Rape
Facts You Must Know About Rape What is Rape?Rape is classified as a crime involving the act of non-consensual intercourse – or penetration – between two individuals; the victim is typically the individual who has been raped, while the perpetrator is typically the individual who has committed the act of rape. Rape can take place in a variety of forms and circumstances, yet the defining characteristic of a..
71. Family watch dog
WHAT IS FAMILY WATCH DOG?As self described on their facebook site, "Family Watch Dog  is a tool…the public could use to keep their family informed and aware of different dangers in their area.  Our goal has always been to provide the most up-to date information to the public." The website, located at focuses primarily on sex offender awareness ..
72. Feticide
  What is Feticide? Feticide qualifies as fetal homicide, and abortion laws have become entangled in the definitions of fetal homicide.  These laws range from state to state and nation to nation, but they don’t always relate to abortion.    Fetal homicide can occur if a woman is a victim of a violent crime and the fetus is killed dur..
73. Gang Violence
Gang Violence A Look at Gang ViolenceWhile the definition of a gang can vary dramatically, most gangs that are not associated to organized crime are known for their street presence as well as their role in committing street crimes. Gangs tend to be most effected in urban areas that do not have proper social institutions set up, such as schools and families.The number of gang violence and gan..
74. Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon   Gary McKinnon   Gary McKinnon is a Scottish computer hacker who was the subject of a decade of legal dispute between the United Kingdom and the United States. He came to the attention of law enforcement authorities when he hacked into 97 computers between February 2001 and March 2002. The computers hacked into by Gary McKinnon belonged to both the ..
75. Grand Larceny
Grand larceny refers to theft involving excessive value of property generally $200 - $1000 or more.  The penalty for grand larceny is greater than that for simple theft or petit larceny and is generally a felony rather than a misdemeanor.  Laws defining larceny generally differentiate by type of items stolen, intent and the even in which the theft occurred, such as sh..