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76. Guide to the Burglary Arrest Process
Guide to the Burglary  Arrest Process What is Burglary?Burglary is the act of unlawful entry into the domain or property of another individual or entity with the intent of illegal possession and theft. Burglary is considered to be a general term that is non-specific with regard to the nature of the item(s) stolen.Pertinent conditions in burglary cases can include the location of the break-in, the item(s) stolen, th..
77. Hate Crime
Hate Crime What is Hate Crime?A Hate Crime is an intentional, deliberate, and methodically-charged crime executed in order to cause harm or damage with regard to a specific victim chosen as a result of prejudice, racism, bias, and unlawful resentment. The range of Hate Crimes is a broad one.Hate Crimes can range from racially-charged assaults to the defamation of property belonging to a r..
78. Homicide: Must Know Facts
Homicide: Must Know Facts What is Homicide?Homicide is the overarching classification of the premature termination of the life of an individual at the hands of another individual or entity. Homicide as a broad term can encapsulate all killings or executions that are both untimely and preventable in nature. In and of itself, the implications of homicide do not necessarily convey guilt or innocence. Only ..
79. How To Deal With Verbal Abuse?
How To Deal With Verbal Abuse? Commonly referred to as bullying or reviling, verbal abuse is best defined as an ongoing emotional environment organized by an abusive party for the purpose of belittling a victim. The primary factor in the dynamic of verbal use is the aggressor’s low self-esteem or low regard for him or herself. As a result of this feeling, the abuser will attempt to place their victim in a ..
80. Human Trafficking in the US
Human Trafficking in the US Human trafficking in the US is the forced movement of persons for labor or sexual exploitation.  Trafficked individuals have their freedoms stripped from them, either by way of servitude or debt bondage.  Americans and foreign persons alike are victims of human trafficking in the US, most commonly young women forced into prostitution.  There are however highly ex..
81. Identity Theft Overview
Identity Theft Overview What is Identity Theft?Identity Theft involves the fraudulent act of illegally assuming the identity of another human being without their consent. Typically, the suspect will engage in Identity Theft with the intent of committing fraud, theft, exploitative acts, and harm with the hope of garnering personal profit or gain as result of their actions.Identity Theft can occur in a ..
82. Incest
Incest What is Incest?Incest is an illegal action which constitutes sexual intercourse between close relatives or immediate family members. The act of incest is socially taboo and illegal in the jurisdiction where it takes place. The legal definition of incest will vary in society. Some jurisdictions consider incest to include sexual relationships between people who live in the same h..
83. Intention
Intention   Summary of Intention (in Criminal Law)   Intentionally is often synonymous with purposely, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently.  States define intentionality differently, but the definitions more or less the same when compared with the Model Penal Code.  A general example of intention (in criminal law) is larceny.  In order to ..
84. Internet Vigilantism
Internet Vigilantism   What is Internet Vigilantism?   Internet vigilantism refers to when people outside of the criminal justice system use the internet to bring justice to a person or people who committed a crime or offended the vigilant in some way.  Many of the people who actively pursue justice using the internet act anonymously or through an alias in order to ..
85. J. Robert Verdun
J. Robert Verdun   J. Robert Verdun J. Robert Verdun is a Canadian former newspaper publisher best known for his involvement in a defamation lawsuit that resulted in one of the largest awards of damages given in such cases. The case in question was Astley v. Verdun, which entered the Canadian court system in 2006 and achieved a resolution in 2011. The origins of this case..
86. Joe Arpaio
Joe Arpaio   Joe Arpaio   Joe Arpaio is a controversial Arizona sheriff known for his strong, often provocative views on the detention and legal treatment of Hispanic citizens. He was elected to the position of sheriff of Maricopa County in 1992 and has been re-elected every four years since. Joe Arpaio has been the subject of many investigations and lawsuits r..
87. John Balcerzak
John Balcerzak   John Balcerzak   John Balcerzak was a Milwaukee police officer who became involved in the serial killings of Jeffrey Dahmer in May 1991. At the time, John Balcerzak and two partners, as well as a police trainee and the fire department, responded to a phone call placed by two women, Nichole Childress and Sandra Smith, who they discovered 14-year-old..
88. Khobar Towers Bombing
Khobar Towers Bombing   Khobar Towers bombing   In 1996, a Saudi Arabia building complex housing American soldiers was the subject of a terrorist attack. This incident, known as the "Khobar Towers bombing," was the subject of considerable controversy as to who was responsible.   The Khobar Towers bombing of June 25, 1996 followed a similar 1995 car ..
89. Kidnapping Arrest Process Explained
Kidnapping Arrest Process Explained Kidnapping is defined as the illegal act of the abduction of an unwilling or unknowing individual at the hands of another individual or entity. In contrast to any eponymous implication, kidnapping is not specific to children or minors. Individuals considered to be of legal adult age can be subject to kidnapping as well. However, a variety of kidnapping charges exist within the ..
90. Kidnapping Defined
Kidnapping Defined Kidnapping Defined: Kidnapping, in criminal law, is a legal term that refers to taking away or transporting a person against their will. In most instances, kidnapping following the taking and transporting of the individual includes false imprisonment or a confinement without legal authority. To be considered “kidnapping”, the individual taken must be a minor or yout..