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46. Child Abuse Overview
Child Abuse Overview Child abuse is a term that is used in various manners, particularly in the realm of law, to describe the unjust treatment of children by their immediate guardians, whether it be parents or legal guardians. Typically speaking, most will correlate child abuse to being a physical implementation, where an abused child is beaten and harmed in a physical manner. However, the term chi..
47. Child Pornography Defined
Child Pornography Defined What is Child Pornography?Child Pornography is the unlawful, unethical, illicit, and degrading depiction of children and minors in a sexual nature through media. Child pornography can exist in picture, digital image, drawing, simulation, sketch, text, or video. Not only is the production of child pornography an egregious offense, but a conviction with regard to the sale and/or ..
48. Clarence Ray Allen
Clarence Ray Allen   Clarence Ray Allen   Clarence Ray Allen was convicted of multiple murders in California. His death penalty sentence was executed despite public controversy about his age the time of death, which was 76.   Clarence Ray Allen first came to the attention of the law because of a burglary he organized in 1974. He invited over Bryon Schletew..
49. Computer Crime
Computer Crime What is Computer Crime?Computer Crime is a type of crime that is classified as requiring, utilizing, and misuse of a computer or associated electronic networking system in order to commit illegal and unlawful acts. Computer crimes can range from the illegal use of the internet to the unlawful accessing of information stored in the computer terminal of another individual. Due to..
50. Corruption
Corruption Typically speaking, the term corruption is employed within the realm of politics referring to a public figure or official engaging in questionable or criminal acts that use the position as means to provide for a personal benefit or gain. A person can engage in corrupt actions such as bribery, embezzlement, and extortion as a means of financial gain or to further the person's po..
51. Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra La Cosa Nostra in the United StatesLa Cosa Nostra, or the Mafia is the most organized criminal threat In America. The name is literally translated as “this thing of ours.” The organization relies on a national alliance of criminals that are either linked by familial ties or by conspiracy. Unlike organized crime in Italy, La Cosa Nostra is an Italian organization that is fou..
52. Crime
Crime What is a Crime?A crime is a broad term that refers to any breach of rules or laws which govern a region or area. Governing authorities establish a legal code to create harmony in a society. When these laws are broken, a crime is realized. Crimes ultimately prescribe a conviction, which is the process of punishing an individual for the illegal action committed. The majorit..
53. Criminal Background Checks
Criminal Background Checks Types of Criminal Background Checks UsedIn the United States, criminal records are stored on a local, state, and federal level by the respective enforcement agency. A criminal background check is often used at in when seeking trying to adopt, licensing matters, during criminal investigations and when trying to gain employment. It is important to be aware of what information abo..
54. Criminal Trespassing Overview
Criminal Trespassing Overview In the United States, criminal trespassing is regarded to be similar to unlawful entry. However, the difference between criminal trespassing and unlawful entry is that criminal trespassing is simply the act of entering another person's property without the proper authorization or permission. It does not involve the entering of property through the use of illegal means.Oftentime..
55. Cyber Stalking
Cyber Stalking The act of stalking can be described as a constant unwanted pursuit of another individual. Cyber stalking is the same action, but with the use of a computer. Cyber stalking is considered to be a serious cybercrime. Many times, someone commits cyber stalking when he or she becomes fixated on one particular victim. Other times, the stalker can commit cyberstalking by stalking mor..
56. Cyberterrorism At A Glance
Cyberterrorism At A Glance Cyberterrorism can be defined as a terrorist obtaining information by use of the computer and/or Internet in order to create chaos and possibly destruction by implementing a network interruption. Many times, cyberterrorism goes hand in hand with a denial of services attack. These two computer war tactics have similar traits in that they both contain a message of battle, using i..
57. Dangers of Drug Abuse
Dangers of Drug Abuse Substance abuse refers to a pattern of dependence on certain substances that are medically and legally not considered to be within the realms of what is to be a source of dependency for the human body. Substance abuse, also referred to as drug abuse, can also be defined as the overuse of drugs and substances in way that is not meant to provide either a medical or therapeutic ef..
58. Daniel Maldonado
Daniel Maldonado   Daniel Maldonado   Daniel Maldonado is an American citizen who was arrested for his role in fighting alongside Muslim terrorists in Somalia. He was the first American to be prosecuted for such actions.   Daniel Maldonado was a resident of Houston, Texas when he went to to Africa, arriving in Somalia in December 2006 after spending more..
59. Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson   Drew Peterson   Drew Peterson is a former police officer convicted of the murder of his third wife in 2012. The prominence accorded to his case led to a great deal of media attention, as well as new legislation in the state of Illinois.   The legal problems surrounding Drew Peterson began following the death of his third wife, Kathleen..
60. Durham Test Explained
Durham Test Explained The Durham Test allowed for an insanity defense in the event that the crime only happened because of the defendant's mental illness. The Durham Test is also known as the Product Test. It bears the broadest definition of insanity out of the three original tests that allow an insanity defense. It was the first standard which allowed for the mentally ill to claim an insanity defen..