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106. Perjury
Perjury What is Perjury?Perjury is defined as the false testimony submitted in a court of law while assumed to be ‘under oath’. This means that the individual submitting testimony has sworn to express the most truthful, honest, and reliable testimony with regard to the court case in question. Due to the fact that the outcome of a court case can weigh so heavily on the reliability a..
107. Philip Markoff
Philip Markoff   Philip Markoff Philip Markoff was arrested by the Boston Police Department for his alleged murder of Julissa Brisman in 2009. He committed suicide while in prison custody the following year.   Philip Markoff became the primary suspect in police investigations involving three women he met on Craigslist who were offering various forms of exotic ser..
108. Piracy Defined
Piracy Defined What is Piracy?Piracy refers to a war-like act committed by individuals who are not affiliated with a governing body or a defined nation. Those private parties, charged with piracy, typically engage in acts of robbery and criminal violence at sea. Acts of piracy can take place at sea, but typically arise on land boundaries. Those involved with piracy organizations do not h..
109. Playboys Gang
Playboys Gang   What is the Playboys Gang? The Playboys Gang is primarily located in West Los Angeles and many of its members are Hispanic.  The gang refers to itself as the PBS gang or the Conejo, and they operate in and outside of prisons.  The gang has strong ties to the Mexican Mafia, and they are known for trafficking drugs and firearms, murders, drive-bys, ..
110. Political Forgery Overview
Political Forgery Overview Many say that the game of politics is based on the stretching of the truth for the public's approval. Essentially, many political campaigns are based on political propaganda tactics that purport that their perspective on the truth is superior to that of their opponents. There are very few laws that cover the content political speech.Political speech is among the most heavily pr..
111. Prostitution Can Put You In Jail
Prostitution Can Put You In Jail What is Prostitution?Prostitution is the criminal act defined as the exchange of sexual acts, which can include intercourse, penetration, and copulation, for financial or commercial gain or opportunity. The origins of Prostitution can be traced deep into the history of a multitude of ancient civilizations. However, this fact does not detract from the fact that Prostitution is c..
112. Racketeering
Racketeering What is Racketeering?Racketeering is an illegal act which constitutes the operation of an illegal business or scheme in order to produce a profit. Racketeering is a broad category that can include a variety of criminal acts, such as bribery, illegal gambling, the exploitation of children, money laundering, etc.Racketeering is typically aligned or closely associated with organiz..
113. Raouf Hannachi
Raouf Hannachi   Raouf Hannachi Raouf Hannachi is a former Canadian citizen whose current whereabouts are unknown. Raouf Hannachi came to the attention of Canadian authorities as a potential terrorist who was monitored prior to the events of September 11, 2001 as an apparent recruiter for jihadist activities. Raouf Hannachi was born in Tunisia who moved to Montreal. In ..
114. Rape Statistics
Rape Statistics United States Rape StatisticsRape is not just a women’s problem, but rather a societal problem. Here are some rape statistics to help show to provide more information on the issue. Rape Statistics on the Victims• 1 out of 6 American women have been through either an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.• Over 17.7 million women in America are currently the vic..
115. Robbery
Robbery What is Robbery?Robbery is the criminal activity of illegally, unlawfully, and illicitly possessing property belonging to another individual typically through violent or threatening means. While the act of Robbery falls under the overarching classification of Larceny, which is defined as the legal term for ‘theft’, Robbery includes violent tactics and methods utilized by th..
116. Scott Feil
Scott Feil   Scott Feil Scott Feil is a California businessman and former medical marijuana dispensary owner. The medical marijuana dispensary in question, United Medical Caregivers Clinic, was operating in 2005 when it became the target of local and federal legal action. Scott Feil became interested in medical marijuana following the death of his father in 1998. Hi..
117. Scott Lee Peterson
Scott Lee Peterson   Scott Lee Peterson Scott Lee Peterson is a convicted murderer currently incarcerated in California. He was tried and convicted in a case that began in June of 2004 and ended in March of 2005.   The murder case against Scott Lee Peterson began on Christmas Eve of 2002, when his wife Laci was reported as missing to the police. During the initial sta..
118. Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson   Scott Peterson   Scott Peterson is a convicted murderer whose case met with a large degree of publicity due to the many lurid circumstances involved. He married Laci Rocha in August 1997.  Five years later, he called the police on Christmas Eve of 2002 to report her disappearance. At the time of her disappearance, Laci Peterson was eight month..
119. Seriousness of Drug Trafficking Penalties
Seriousness of Drug Trafficking Penalties The penalties attached to drug trafficking are administered and delivered by the United States Federal Government. Trafficking drugs is considered a felony in the United States, and as a result, of the dangers associated with the practice, the punishments are severe and unrelenting. That being said, each drug, and the quantity of the drug being trafficked, are regulated differe..
120. Sodomy
Sodomy A Brief History of Sodomy Laws in the United StatesUntil the 21st century, sodomy laws prevailed in the United States legal system. In a 6-3 ruling of the landmark United States Supreme Court case Lawrence V Texas (2003), sodomy laws in Texas were considered unconstitutional, effectively deeming all state laws against sodomy unconstitutional as well. This not only applied to ho..