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136. Vehicular Manslaughter Overview
Vehicular Manslaughter Overview Vehicular manslaughter is sometimes referred to as DUI manslaughter. Vehicular manslaughter is nearly identical to vehicular homicide. Vehicular manslaughter is used to cover instances of murder which involve the use of motor vehicles, but contain a higher degree of negligence than do vehicular homicide cases.Vehicular manslaughter charges typically involve incidents where the ..
137. Verbal Abuse
Verbal Abuse What Counts as Verbal Abuse?Verbal abuse is best thought of as an emotional environment that is ongoing that is created by an abuser to the abused, most often for the point of maintaining control. One of the primary underlying factors in the dynamics of a relationship with verbal abuse is the fact that the abuser has low self-esteem or opinions for him or herself. Because of th..
138. Violence Defined
Violence Defined What is Violence?Violence is defined as an expression of behavior, activity, or sentiment that consists of destructive, enraged, or malicious tendencies. Violence can be expressed either in deed or in word, and can entail a variety of expression. However, within the scope of legality, the presence of Violence must be expressly proven through the analysis of action and intent.Vi..
139. Voluntary Intoxication Overview
Voluntary Intoxication Overview Criminal law requires that both actus reus mens rea be present in order for an individual to be held criminally liable for a crime. Therefore, an individual who is responsible for an illegal act that has resulted in harm or damage must not only have taken part in the detrimental activity but must also have had the intent to partake in this behavior.Many defense attorneys attemp..
140. Wanted Posters
Wanted Posters Using Wanted PostersA wanted poster is a poster circulated throughout the public to let the citizens know about an alleged criminal whom law enforcement and other authorities want to apprehend.Some information that is found on a wanted poster includes:• Basic personal information such as name and birth date• Aliases• Physical description including height, weight, build, h..
141. Warren Jeffs
Warren Jeffs   Warren Jeffs Warren Jeffs is the former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), an offshoot of the Mormon church.  He inherited this position from his father upon the latter's death and was known as a practitioner of polygamous marriage. He also arranged marriages for the members of his church, including mar..
142. What are Computer Hacking Crimes?
With the number of reported computer crimes increasing (usually involving hacking) yearly, social concerns continue to grow. Even though some forms of hacking are not as serious, other forms are considered to be Federal offenses and morally devastating. For example, if a criminal begins hacking into a private account in order to obtain the victim's password to access the victim..
143. What Are the Associated Penalties of Computer Crimes
What Are the Associated Penalties of Computer Crimes When any crime falling under the types of cybercrime (computer crime) is committed, there is a wide variety of penalties that a criminal can be sentenced to, depending on the cybercrime laws in the jurisdiction in question. However, there are many factors to consider about the types of cybercrime and the cybercrime laws that apply. What was the cost of damages? Who or how many ..
144. What are the Controversies of Sports Bribery
In regards to sports, there is one primary type of corrupt controversy that occurs more than any other: match-fixing. Match-fixing is in total violation of any kind of sports ethics, as it is rather undeniable that an ethical sports match involves a competition in which the opponents start off equally, and the ending is not predetermined. Match-fixing does just that, it ensures..
145. What Happens When You Assault a Police Officer?
In the United States and elsewhere, legal systems commonly recognize that laws governing the treatment of the act of assault must recognize certain groups of people as being especially entitled to protection under the law. In some cases these privileges can be incurred by people unusually vulnerable to assault. Other such protected groups can be found in those who are cons..
146. Wilfred Von der Ahe
  Wilfred Von der Ahe   Wilfred Von der Ahe co-founded the Vons supermarket chain, often cited as the first super market. The first such location was opened in 1948. A decade later they had become the third largest supermarket chain in the Los Angeles area. In 1960 Vons acquired a competitor, Shopping Food Bag Stores.   This purchase made b..
147. Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine al-Qadi
Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine al-Qadi   Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine al-Qadi Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine al-Qadi is a businessman who has been designated a terrorist by the American government. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine al-Qadi was involved in multiple lawsuits concerning his alleged involvement in that as well as other terrorist activities.   ..
148. Zacarias Moussaoui
Zacarias Moussaoui   Zacarias Moussaoui   Zacarias Moussaoui is a convicted terrorist who was involved in the planning of the attacks of September 11, 2001. His role in the attacks dated to a period between the end of February of 2001 to the end of May. During this time, Zacarias Moussaoui took flight lesson training with the goal of participating in the attacks. Howev..