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46. Connecticut Parking Laws
Guide to Connecticut Parking LawsTraffic tickets are a necessary nuisance of contemporary urban life.  If you're caught violating CT parking laws, you may be in for a hefty fine—or even worse.  This guide will explain Connecticut parking laws so that you can avoid parking tickets whenever possible.  You'll also learn about the consequences of failing to pay you..
47. Connecticut Permit Practice Test
Connecticut Permit Practice Test The permit practice test to obtain a learner’s permit in Connecticut is 25 questions long and based on the Connecticut driver’s manual, which is available on the Connecticut DMV website and at local offices.  Those under the age of 18 will need to obtain parent consent before taking the permit practice test in Connecticut.  You will be required to pay a $40 testin..
48. Connecticut Vehicle Registration
Connecticut Vehicle Registration Connecticut vehicle registration laws require you to register your motor vehicle for the first time if you have recently:• Bought a used car, which requires CT vehicle registration• Became a resident of Connecticut, which requires CT vehicle registration• Changed ownership of a vehicle, which requires CT vehicle registrationIf you are changing the registrat..
49. Delaware Driving Test Questions
The Delaware driving test questions below serves as a great starting point in studying for your driver’s test.  You should attempt to study as much as possible for Delaware driving test questions, and you should reference as many resources as possible.  Many of the Delaware driving questions below are likely to be on your driver’s test, but you should also conside..
50. Delaware License Plates
Delaware License Plates Delaware license plates are put on your vehicle once you registered it with the Division of Motor Vehicles. Commonly known as tags, you will mount the plate on the back of your vehicle. The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles provides tags and decals for your motor vehicle after you complete the registration process. These tags expire either on the last day or the 15th day of..
51. Delaware Permit Practice Test
Delaware Permit Practice Test The permit practice test for Delaware will consist of two parts, a vision screening and a highway sign and signal test.  These tests will gauge how well qualified the applicant is to respond to driving conditions and practice safe driving.  Those 16 years or older with an out of state license may drive in Delaware but those that establish residency in Delaware must ob..
52. Delaware Vehicle Registration
Delaware Vehicle Registration Delaware state law requires that vehicle owners must complete a DE vehicle registration with the Division of Motor Vehicles before driving them on the road. Both second-hand and new motor vehicles must complete DE vehicle registration with the Division of Motor Vehicles, regardless of if they are purchased from an individual or a dealer. Additionally, any new Delaware residents..
53. District of Columbia Permit Practice Test
District of Columbia Permit Practice Test All persons that eventually want to obtain a DC driver’s license must obtain a learner’s permit by taking the permit practice test in DC.  You must be at least 16 years old and a DC resident to obtain a learner’s permit.  This knowledge test is offered on a walk-in basis at all DC DMV locations and will be available in Spanish, Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean a..
54. Drivers Ed
Drivers Ed Driver’s Ed for the Prospective DriverIn the United States, drivers licenses are not issued nationally but rather at the state level. Because of this, the regulations vary on a state by state basis. In the majority of states, a system of graduated licensing is put in place in order reduce the risks involved with young beginner drivers. It is here where driver’s ed plays its..
55. Driving Record
Driving Record What is a Driving Record?All state Departments of Motor Vehicles in the United States will maintain and provide driving records in some fashion. These driving records are fundamental pieces of public information that document an individual’s driving habits and history. A driving record will provide a formal listing of all violations, suspensions and other details concerning a..
56. Everything to Know About RV Insurance
Everything to Know About RV Insurance What is RV Insurance?People who decide to use an RV can be very fulfilling, just like having any other vehicle, doing so will require RV Insurance. Owning an RV gives a person the chance to get out on the open road without having to be overly dependent on pit stops, and it allows for an easy life on the road without having to depend on hotels. If you are considering making a tr..
57. Everything to Know About VIN's
Everything to Know About VIN's What is a VIN?A Vehicle Identification Number, commonly referred to as a VIN, is a unique serial number which is used by the automotive industry in order to identify individual vehicles. There are various vehicle history services provided in several countries that may help potential car owners use their VIN to find potentially defective or branded vehicles.  Recently VINs ..
58. Florida Driving Test Questions
The Florida driving test questions listed below serve a great starting point in studying for your driver’s test.  You should study as much as possible for your Florida driving test questions, and you should also reference as many resources as possible when studying.  Apart from the Florida driving test questions below, you should also travel to your local DMV and pi..
59. Florida License Plates
Florida License Plates Like all other states, the state of Florida requires drivers to register their vehicles. After registering with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you can receive standard license plates for your automobile. You can also get personalized Florida license plates that have a customized image or license plate number.Getting a Personalized Florida License PlatePersonaliz..
60. Florida Parking Laws
Guide to Florida Parking LawsParking fines are an annoying but unavoidable part of city life for many Florida residents.  While Florida parking laws are largely determined by each individual municipality, some FL parking laws remain the same throughout the state.  This guide will explain Florida parking laws so that you can understand your rights and responsibilities ..