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16. Alaska Parking Laws
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Parking LawsWhat are Alaska parking laws?It is difficult and perhaps nearly impossible to give a suitable description of Alaska parking laws.  That’s because, for the most part, there are no Alaska parking laws. As in most states, parking laws aren’t set at the state level in Alaska; they’re not even set by counties but instead..
17. Alaska Permit Practice Test
Alaska Permit Practice Test The age to get a learner’s permit in Alaska is at least 14 years of age and will only be issued with parental consent.  This permit can be renewed only once.  Due to the rural and isolated nature of many areas of Alaska, the permit practice test in Alaska may be administered by state troopers and village public safety officers at locations designated by the Alaskan ..
18. Alaska Vehicle Registration
Alaska Vehicle Registration Alaska issues AK registration for passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, motor homes, ATV's, trailers, and snow machines.Alaska Vehicle Registration for a New VehicleIf you wish to register a vehicle in Alaska that is not in your name, you will first have to title the vehicle. Alaska issues titles for passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, mobile homes, ..
19. Arizona Driving Test Questions
The list below provides questions that may qualify as Arizona driving test questions.  When studying for your Arizona driving test questions, it’s important to refer to as many resources as possible.  Apart from the Arizona driving test questions below, you should also consider visiting the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and obtaining a hard copy of a dr..
20. Arizona License Plates
Arizona License Plates After registering your vehicle with the Arizona Department of Transportation, you will receive your Arizona license plates. For a standard Arizona license plate, there are no special requirements or fees required. Usually, you will only be issued one regular Arizona license plate. However, if you choose a personalized plate, you will receive two.Personalizing your Arizona Licen..
21. Arizona Parking Laws
The state of Arizona has the ability to grant special parking privileges to the disabled and others with special needs that would be eased with preferential parking.  There is also a reciprocity agreement in Arizona parking laws that recognizes disability tags from other states and the privileges and preferential parking that is granted by that designation.  This reci..
22. Arizona Permit Practice Test
Arizona Permit Practice Test Arizona is unique in that licenses issued by the state do not expire until age 60, although the picture will need to be updated every 12 years.  Any person that is at least 15 years and 6 months old may apply for an “instruction permit” that will allow them to learn how to drive.  They may upgrade to an operator’s permit at the age of 18.  In the intermedia..
23. Arizona Vehicle Registration
Arizona Vehicle Registration If you are new to Arizona, you will need to title and complete an Arizona vehicle registration in the state. The Arizona Department of Transportation provides services for title and AZ vehicle registration as well as for getting a new Arizona driver license. When you purchase a vehicle, Arizona state law requires that you get a title for it within 15 days of purchase. If y..
24. Arkansas Driving Test Questions
The list below provides questions that may qualify as Arkansas driving test questions.  This guide serves as a great starting point, but you should reference as many resources as possible when you are studying for your Arkansas driving test questions.  You should also consider visiting a local DMW and obtaining a hard copy of a driver’s manual and all Arkansas drivi..
25. Arkansas License Plates
Arkansas License Plates Registering your vehicle in Arkansas is done through the Office of Motor Vehicles Department of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. After completing the registration process for your vehicle, you will be issued Arkansas license plates.Specialty Arkansas License Plates There are over 60 different specialty Arkansas license plates. Depending on the specifi..
26. Arkansas Permit Practice Test
Arkansas Permit Practice Test The permit practice test in Arkansas is administered by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration and individuals as young as 14 years old may apply for a restricted license.  Applicants will need to provide proof of name, address and birth as well as parental consent for those under the age of 18.  The Arkansas instruction permit allows drivers to be supe..
27. Booster Seat Requirements for Your Child’s Safety
Booster Seat Requirements for Your Child’s Safety What is a Booster Seat?Unlike many child restraints with built-in harnesses, a booster seat uses on a vehicle’s belt to buckle a child in. The purpose is to make the adult seat belt fit the child better. Booster seats used are for children who have outgrown forward-facing restraints. The best booster seats will provide a good fit for the adult seat belt for typical children b..
28. Buy a Junk Car Laws
Buy a Junk Car Laws If you are searching for “buying a junk car,” one probably assumes that you are trying to unload a junk car.  There are many businesses and organizations that will gladly buy your junk car, under certain conditions.  In order to maximize the value of your junk car, be sure you are aware of the market value of the car, the relative price of components that can be s..
29. Buying A Car
Buying A Car You need to be truly ready to buy a car before signing a contract or other binding document that obligates you to pay for the car.  Once you commit to buying a car, you will be financially responsible and in most circumstances, you cannot take it back.  Therefore, when buying a car, being through, reading every word or every agreement you sign and getting all promises..
30. Buying A Used Car
Buying A Used Car Buying a used car will be a daunting task for those uninitiated in the process.  The uninformed are almost always victimized in these transactions, as used car dealers often do not have to the same standards are car dealerships.  You are however, entitled to certain rights as a buyer under consumer protection laws.  Be aware of the terms related to selling used c..