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91. Iowa License Plates
Iowa License Plates When you buy your first motor vehicle as a resident of Iowa, you will receive two Iowa license plates after paying your registration fees. Your Iowa license plates will show a unique plate number. Iowa license plates follow the driver rather than the car. For example, if you decide to sell your car and buy a replacement once within 30 days, you may use old Iowa license plates o..
92. Iowa Permit Practice Test
Iowa Permit Practice Test The Iowa Department of Transportation will administer the permit practice test and license drivers in the state of Iowa.  The practice permit in Iowa is the instruction permit and those that are under 18 can obtain this permit by providing a birth certificate, proof of residency, proof of identity and proof of Social Security.  Parental consent will also be required. ..
93. Iowa Vehicle Registration
Iowa Vehicle Registration Iowa law requires motor vehicle owners to must register their motor vehicle with the Iowa Department of Transportation before they drive their vehicles on the streets of Iowa. This applies to new motor vehicles that have been purchased new or used. In addition, any new residents of the state of Iowa residents that have vehicles registered in another state must register their mo..
94. Kansas Driving Test Questions
What is the speed limit in a city or town?The maximum speed limit in any city or town is 30 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.What is the speed limit on a highway?Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed on a highway is 70 miles per hour. What is the speed limit for wet roads?These is no set speed limit for wet roads. The driver must obey existing speed guidelines a..
95. Kansas License Plates
Kansas License Plates Kansas requires you to have Kansas license plates on your motor vehicle. In order to get them, you must register your motor vehicle with the Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles.Personalized Kansas License PlatesIf you wish to purchase your own personalized Kansa license plates, you must first visit your local Division of Vehicles office. You will have to apply and..
96. Kansas Parking Laws
Brief Overview of Kansas Parking Laws Kansas Parking LawsThe majority of Kansas parking law is located within §8-1571 of the state’s revised statutes.  There are other laws that regard parking laws in local jurisdictions, and the fines within these jurisdictions will vary—especially in metropolitan areas and education institutions.  Kansas parking laws indic..
97. Kansas Permit Practice Test
Kansas Permit Practice Test The Kansas department of revenue is responsible for administering the permit practice test for Kansas as well as licensing drivers.  Teenagers as young as 14 may receive an instruction permit and most restrictions on licenses are removed at the age of 17.  The fee for a Kansas instruction permit is $8.Licensed 14 year olds may drive if they are involved in farm work a..
98. Kansas Vehicle Registration
Kansas Vehicle Registration Kansas vehicle registration law requires that owners of motor vehicles have to register their motor vehicle with the Division of Motor Vehicles of Kansas before driving it on the road. Both second-hand and new motor vehicles have to properly undergo Kansas vehicle registration, regardless of whether the vehicles are purchased from an individual or an auto dealership. In additio..
99. Kentucky Driving Test Questions
What is the speed limit in parking lots?The Kentucky speed limit for drivers in parking lots is 15 miles per hour.What is the speed limit in residential areas?The Kentucky speed limit for drivers in residential areas is 35 miles per hour.What is the speed limit on urban highways?The Kentucky speed limit for urban highways is 55 miles per hour.What is the speed limit for rural h..
100. Kentucky License Plates
Kentucky License Plates The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet allows people to personalize their Kentucky license plates in many different ways. They provided many different designs as well as the option to personalize your license plate number. Some of the specialty Kentucky license plates provided include the following:• Regular issue license plates• Special issue license plates• ..
101. Kentucky Parking Laws
Guide to Kentucky Parking LawsParking tickets are issued to thousands of Kentucky residents every day.  If you want to avoid receiving parking tickets, understanding KY parking laws can help.  This guide will give you information on the basics of Kentucky parking laws, including common violations and penalties.  You will also learn about the consequences of faili..
102. Kentucky Permit Practice Test
Kentucky Permit Practice Test In order to apply for a permit in Kentucky, you must be at least 16 years old and obtain parental consent.  The Kentucky State Police will administer the requisite testing to determine if an individual can be issued a Kentucky license.  A birth certificate, social security card and proof of address are all necessary in the application process before taking the vision ..
103. Kentucky Vehicle Registration
Kentucky Vehicle Registration Kentucky vehicle registration laws require that owners of motor vehicles in Kentucky must register their vehicle properly with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in order to drive them legally on the roads. Both brand new and used motor vehicles have to undergo Kentucky vehicle registration, regardless of whether you purchase the vehicle from a car dealer or an individual person. ..
104. Leasing A Car
Leasing A Car Before you buy a car, you must understand how leasing works in order to determine how the value of your car will depreciate and if you are getting the best deal when financing your car purchase.  Leasing is the typical alternative to buying a car outright and in times of economic contraction, where low-interest financing is not available, leasing has grown tremendously as ..
105. Leasing vs. Buying a Car
Leasing vs. Buying a Car The Basic Question: Should I Buy or Lease a Car?One of the most fundamental questions attached to the car-purchasing process revolves around buying vs. leasing. Granted the answer to this question will vary based on individual circumstance. However, knowing the basic features of each transaction will illuminate the better route. Conventional wisdom dictates that if you lea..