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31. California DMV Registration
California DMV Registration Understanding CA DMV RegistrationA California DMV registration is done in order to show proof of having paid the fees and taxes involved with registering a motor vehicle in California. A California DMV registration consists of a new license plate, a validation decal, as well as your registration certificate. CA DMV Registration: Non-resident VehicleA nonresident vehicle is..
32. California Driving Test Questions
The list of California driving test questions and answers provides a good starting point for studying for your driver’s test.  You should study you California driving test questions as much as possible before taking the test, and you should reference as many resources as possible.  You can find more California driving test questions at your local DMV and within a ha..
33. California Lemon Law
California Lemon Law What is the California Lemon Law?The California lemon law states that a purchaser or lessee of a vehicle has certain rights under both federal and state law if the motor vehicle does not perform as stated under an express warranty. The laws regarding express warranties can be complicated, and it is nearly impossible to describe it briefly. California lemon law is within the Son..
34. California License Plates
California License Plates California has required license plates since 1905. Since then, many variations have been made. The current standard sized California license plate is 12” by 6” for automobiles and 8” by 5” for motorcycles. In order for California license plates to be valid, they must have the appropriate tabs or stickers adhered to them.Standard California license plates are issued by t..
35. California Parking Laws
A Quick Guide to California Parking LawsCalifornia Parking LawsCalifornia parking laws carry some of the largest fines in the United States, and although fines may vary from district to district, a driver can face up to a $1,000 fine for parking in areas like a bus loading area or disabled persons space in some cases.  If you have been cited a traffic violation, you have t..
36. California Permit Practice Test
California Permit Practice Test The California department of Motor Vehicles administers the permit practice test for California and will certify drivers that are at least 15 and a half years old to receive a provisional permit, so that they may practice driving until they reach 18 years of age and can become licensed drivers.  Applying for a provisional permit will require parental consent, verification ..
37. California Vehicle Registration
California Vehicle Registration Do I Need to Complete a CA Vehicle Registration?California vehicle registration is necessary in order to show proof that you have paid all the necessary fees and taxes involved for owning a vehicle in California. CA vehicle registration includes getting a new registration certificate, validation decal, and license plate. CA Vehicle Registration: Non-resident VehicleIf you ..
38. Car Payment Calculator
Guide to Car Payment Calculator When purchasing a new car, it is important that you understand all of the financial consequences of car ownership and the ways to finance your purchase.  A car payment calculator can be used to help you understand how much leasing a car will cost you if you are taking out a lease on the vehicle.  Most people cannot afford to pay th..
CARFAX What is CARFAX?CARFAX is a commercial online service that supplies vehicle history reports to businesses and individuals. CARFAX reports, which in essence are simply vehicle history reports, are offered on a vast number of used cars and light trucks for the Canadian and American marketplaces. CARFAX does not offer free full-fledged vehicle history reports. The service inst..
40. Colorado Driving Test Questions
The Colorado driving test questions below serve as a great starting point for studying for your driver’s test.  The Colorado driving test questions listed below are not a complete list, but they are still helpful.  In order to obtain a complete list of Colorado driving test questions, you should visit your local DMV and acquire a hard copy of the state’s driver’..
41. Colorado License Plates
Colorado License Plates The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles requires that all motor vehicles display valid Colorado license plates. The state of Colorado has both special and standard plates available. Many of these styles can be personalized. The following plates can be personalized:• Regular Plates•Alumni Plates• Group Special Plates• Designer Plates..
42. Colorado Parking Laws
Colorado Parking Laws   Knowing the Colorado Parking Laws Some laws are taken for granted, you know? It’s a matter of fact. The situation’s no different in Colorado, so be sure you know what those Colorado parking laws are to avoid any citations you might not have been aware of: What Are Some of the Most Important CO Parking Laws? Easy. There are three st..
43. Colorado Permit Practice Test
Colorado Permit Practice Test The Colorado DMV is a division of the Department of Revenue and here is where you will take your permit practice test.  There are several different permits available to minor drivers and unlike other states, even those over 18 do not become full drivers immediately.  Starting at age 15, a Driver Education Permit may be issued for up to six months.  This becomes a..
44. Connecticut Driving Test Questions
The Connecticut driving test questions below serve as a great starting point in studying for your driver’s test.  You should study for your Connecticut driving test questions as much as possible, and you may want to reference multiple resources when studying.  The list of Connecticut driving questions and answers below do not serve as a complete list, so after you r..
45. Connecticut License Plates
Connecticut License Plates There are many different types of Connecticut license plates, from those that give special parking privileges, such as license plates for disabled drivers, to personalized vanity plates that let you to express yourself with your car. Personalized Connecticut License PlatesConnecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles website currently allows you to search through passenger ..