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61. Florida Permit Practice Test
Florida Permit Practice Test You must be at least 15 years old to earn a learner’s license, as long as you have a parent’s consent and have taken a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course.  You will also need to provide identification that verifies your identity, address in addition to proof of Social Security Number.  The proof of SSN can be the SS Card or a W2 tax form that display..
62. Florida Vehicle Registration
Florida Vehicle Registration What is a Florida Vehicle Registration?A Florida vehicle registration consists of a license plate, validation decal, and registration certificate. It is proof that you have paid the necessary registration fees and tax on a motor vehicle. Florida requires motor vehicles to be registered within 10 days of the owner putting children in public school, becoming employed, or establis..
63. Free VIN Check
Free VIN Check If you are checking out many potential cars to purchase, you may want to look for a free VIN check. However, most free VIN checks are actually a scam, or they charge for their services in other ways. Alternatively, other free VIN checks only provide minimal information regarding a vehicle, which may not be enough for you when considering a vehicle. One of the best free VIN chec..
64. Georgia Driving Test Questions
The Georgina driving test questions listed below stand as a great starting point for studying for your driver’s test.  You should always study for your Georgia driving test questions as much as possible, and you should also reference as many resources as possible.  Apart from the Georgia driving test questions listed below, you should also travel to your local DMV a..
65. Georgia License Plates
Georgia License Plates Like other states, the state of Georgia requires drivers to register their motor vehicles. After registering with the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division, you can receive standard license plates for your automobile. You can also get personalized Georgia license plates that have a customized designs or numbers.Getting a Prestige Georgia License PlateGeorgia’s ..
66. Georgia Parking Laws
Quick Guide to Georgia Parking LawsGeorgia Parking LawsThe majority of Georgia parking laws that generally apply to the public are listed under code 40-6-203 of the Georgia Revised Code.  This article will cover different kinds of violations under this Georgia parking law and several other laws as well.  Additionally, you will find information about paying your ticket..
67. Georgia Permit Practice Test
Georgia Permit Practice Test You must be at least 15 years old to receive a permit in Georgia and take the permit practice test.  Even then, you may do so only with the permission of a parent or legal guardian.  Georgia also requires the parent authorizing the teenager applying for the learner’s permit to show a valid Georgia license or ID card.  If the parent does not have these things, p..
68. Georgia Vehicle Registration
Georgia Vehicle Registration You will need to need to go through Georgia Vehicle registration process if you:• Are a new resident of Georgia• Just purchased a vehicle (new or used)• Are transferring ownership of a vehicleRegardless of the situation, everyone is given thirty (30) days to properly complete the Georgia Vehicle registration for their vehicles with the Department of Driver ..
69. Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates
Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates Car insurance is often one the largest expenses associated with driving and owning a motor vehicle. For individuals whose cars are paid off, it is typically the second largest bill after gas for the vehicle. For young drivers or those with sporty cars, high auto insurance rates can be even more expensive. This is why it is important to try to get the most cost effective auto in..
70. Guide to Speeding Tickets
Guide to Speeding Tickets What are Speeding Tickets?A speeding ticket is a form of traffic ticket that is given to motorists who travel faster than the allotted speed limit. Traffic tickets are notices issued by law enforcement officers or officials to motorists or other users. Traffic tickets formally accuse motorists of committing a traffic violation. In general, a traffic ticket comes in two forms—..
71. Hawaii Driving Test Questions
The Hawaii and driving test questions and answers listed below serve as a great start for studying for your driver’s test.  You should study your Hawaii driving test questions as much as possible before taking your driving tests, and you should also reference as many resources as you can.  Apart from the Hawaii driving test questions below, you should also travel to..
72. Hawaii License Plates
Hawaii License Plates Hawaii, like all other states, requires you to have Hawaii license plates on your motor vehicle. Hawaii provides many different specialized plates for you to choose from. You can usually pick out license plates the first time you register your motor vehicle at a county field office. However, you can still personalize your plates later for a small fee.Searching for Personalized ..
73. Hawaii Permit Practice Test
Hawaii Permit Practice Test Unlike other states, process to apply for a permit or license in Hawaii is decentralized, with most of the responsibility in licensing and test going to Hawaii’s counties.  This is most likely due to the fact that Hawaii is made up of islands and having a centralized system in Honolulu would be somewhat inefficient.  The DMV locations will be based in Kaua’I, Honu..
74. Hawaii Vehicle Registration
Hawaii Vehicle Registration First-Time Hawaii Vehicle RegistrationIf have recently purchased a used car, moved to Hawaii from either another state or a different county, or if you have become the new owner of a vehicle, you are required to register your vehicle for the first time. If you are getting your car shipped into Hawaii, you will need to need to register it within thirty (30) days.Hawaii uses diff..
75. Hit and Run
Hit and Run What is a Hit and Run Accident?A hit and run accident is an illegal driving maneuver where the individual who is responsible for causing or contributing to the accident fails to stop and identify him/herself afterwards. Instead of going through the normal process following an accident or serving as recourse for the other individual(s) involved, a hit and run occurs when the per..