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106. Lemon Law by State
Lemon Law by State What is the Lemon Law?Lemon laws are both federal and state laws in the United States that give a remedy for purchasers of motor vehicles in order to compensate them for vehicles that repeatedly are unable to meet quality and performance standards. These motors vehicles are referred to as lemons. The federal lemon law, more formally known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prote..
107. Louisiana Driving Test Questions
What does a red light mean?A red light at an intersection means drivers must stop until the light turns green.Is it legal to turn right on a red light?Drivers may turn right on a red light if there are no pedestrians or other vehicles in their way.What does a yellow light mean?Yellow lights mean a traffic signal is about to turn red. Drivers must slow down and stop unless they ..
108. Louisiana License Plates
Louisiana License Plates The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Public Safety Services offers people the chance to personalize their Louisiana license plates. They provided various designs and specialty plates as well as the option of choosing your license plate number. Personalizing your Louisiana License PlatesYou can use the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Personalized Plate Inquiry page to ..
109. Louisiana Permit Practice Test
Louisiana Permit Practice Test If you are seeking a Driver’s license for classes A, B and C, you must adhere to the procedures set by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.  This includes taking the permit practice test for Louisiana as well as fulfilling requirements for vision, identification and driving skills.One may receive a full driver’s license only after turning 18, though you may obtain a..
110. Louisiana Vehicle Registration
Louisiana Vehicle Registration The state of Louisiana requires all vehicles to have proper Louisiana vehicle registration. This applies to both new and used vehicles. If you have done any of the following, you will need to complete an LA vehicle registration:• Moved to the state of Louisiana• Received a motor vehicle as a gift• Purchased a vehicleThe LA vehicle registration and titling p..
111. Maine Driving Test Questions
Is it always legal to turn right on red?No. Drivers must check to make sure there are no signs prohibiting a right turn on a red light at an intersection and yield to any other vehicles or pedestrians before turning right on red.What does a flashing yellow light mean?Flashing yellow lights warn drivers to slow down while passing construction sites or at dangerous intersections...
112. Maine Permit Practice Test
Maine Permit Practice Test You will take the permit practice test for Maine at any of the locations of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  There are two practice permit tests for Maine and the first one, the road sign test, will consist of 10 questions.  The second test will measure knowledge of traffic laws, regulations and safe driving practices.  You must score 8 out of 10 or 80% on both in ..
113. Maine Vehicle Registration
Maine Vehicle Registration The state of Maine requires all motor vehicle owners to register their motor vehicle with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles before driving it on the road in accordance to the Maine vehicle registration laws. Initial Maine Vehicle RegistrationIf you need tom complete the ME vehicle registration for the first time for a motor vehicle, if you have purchased your motor vehicle from..
114. Maryland Driving Test Questions
When two drivers arrive at an intersection at the same time, who has the right of way?The driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right.What is the minimum amount of distance to allow a vehicle in front of you?Drivers should allow vehicles in front of them to be at least 3 to 4 seconds ahead.When is it OK to pass on the right?Drivers may pass another vehicle on the r..
115. Maryland License Plates
Maryland License Plates Like other states, the state of Maryland requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration. After registering your vehicle, you can receive standard license plates for your motor vehicle. You can also get personalized Maryland license plates that have a customized designs or numbers.Personalized Marylan..
116. Maryland Parking Laws
Understanding the Maryland Parking LawsEveryone likes to take for granted certain MD parking laws that are practically common sense; but in the state of Maryland, it’s always important to know what you’re dealing with in the event that you show up at the parking spot you had your vehicle in to find that it was towed!No one wants that happening. So the important thing is to ..
117. Maryland Permit Practice Test
Maryland Permit Practice Test The Motor Vehicle Administration will be the government organization that will administer your practice permit test for Maryland.  The MVA website will contain a number of useful resources for those seeking a learner’s permit in Maryland.  This includes a sample permit practice test for Maryland and the Maryland Driver’s Manual, which will contain all the informat..
118. Massachusetts Driving Test Questions
Do all passengers have to wear a safety belt?Yes. Whether in the front or back seat, all passengers in Massachusetts must wear a safety belt.Is it legal to text and drive?No. Drivers in Massachusetts are not allowed to text while driving.Is it legal to text and use a cell phone?Yes. Drivers over the age of 18 are allowed to carry on conversations on a cell phone while driving. ..
119. Massachusetts License Plates
Massachusetts License Plates Like other states, the state of Massachusetts requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles. After registering your automobile, you will receive standard license plates for your motor vehicle. Additionally, you can choose to receive personalized Massachusetts license plates that have a customized..
120. Massachusetts Permit Practice Test
Massachusetts Permit Practice Test The Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles is responsible for licensing drivers in Massachusetts as well as administering the practice permit test for Massachusetts.  To assist persons that want to apply for a learner’s permit the RMV website will have an interactive questionnaire that will determine if you are eligible for a learner’s permit and what items you will ..