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136. Missouri License Plates
Missouri License Plates Like other states, the state of Missouri requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Missouri Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Licensing. Every motor vehicle in Missouri must be registered properly and given the correct Missouri license plates. You can receive Missouri license plates at an driver's license exam station. The renewal of your Missouri license pla..
137. Missouri Permit Practice Test
Missouri Permit Practice Test The Missouri department of revenue is responsible for licensing drivers in Missouri and administering the permit practice test.  Missouri is a graduated license state, which means that those under the age of 18 will be granted some limited driving privileges, provided they pass typical vision, written and skills test and secure parental approval.  Teenagers as young a..
138. Missouri Vehicle Registration
Missouri Vehicle Registration Missouri vehicle registration laws require vehicle owners to complete the MO vehicle registration for the vehicle through the Missouri Department of Revenue before being allowed to legally drive the vehicle on the roads of Missouri. Regardless of a vehicle being purchased from a dealership or an individual, they must be registered if they are in new or used condition. In additi..
139. Montana Driving Test Questions
What does a green light mean?Green lights mean drivers do not have to slow down or stop when approaching an intersection. However, the right of way must be yielded to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.What does a yellow light mean?Yellow traffic lights means motorists must slow down and stop their vehicle before the light turns red. If the vehicle cannot be safely passed, motoris..
140. Montana License Plates
Montana License Plates The state of Montana requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicles Division. Before you can choose from one of many of the Montana license plates available, you must first undergo registration for your vehicle and pay all the necessary fees. Standard Montana License PlatesStandard Montana license plates are issued t..
141. Montana Vehicle Registration
Montana Vehicle Registration The Title and Registration Bureau of the Montana Department of Justice regulates the titling and MT registration of vehicles within the state. A vehicle cannot be titled in the state of Montana without being registered as well – these two processes happen simultaneously. The only exception to this rule is for pickup campers, which must be titled, but do not need a MT vehicle ..
142. Nebraska Driving Test Questions
Should drivers speed up to beat a yellow light?No. A yellow traffic signal informs drivers that the light is about to turn to red. If a driver can safely stop before reaching the intersection, they should do so. If it is impossible to safely stop, drivers should proceed cautiously through the intersection rather than speeding up.Are left turns on a red light legal?Drivers may m..
143. Nebraska License Plates
Nebraska License Plates Nebraska residents are provided with many choices for their Nebraska license plates by the State of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. The new standard design for 2011 Nebraska license plates is a yellow and green design depicting the western meadowlark bird and goldenrod. Specialty Nebraska License PlatesIn addition to standard plates, you can also order many other st..
144. Nebraska Permit Practice Test
Nebraska Permit Practice Test The minimum age to receive a learner’s permit in Nebraska is 15 and can lead to a Provisional Operator’s Permit when the minor turns 16.  The POP allows the owner to drive unsupervised between 6am and midnight, or anytime with the supervision of a licensed adult.  This is due to the nature of graduated licensing in Nebraska, which is slightly more lax than other s..
145. Nebraska Vehicle Registration
Nebraska Vehicle Registration In the state of Nebraska, all motor vehicles and trailers that are used upon the roads and highways of Nebraska must have a NE registration unless the motor vehicle falls under a specific category of motor vehicles that are exempt from NE vehicle registration.To start the Nebraska vehicle registration process for normal vehicles, you will have to do go through the Nebraska Depa..
146. Nevada Driving Test Questions
What does a red light mean?Red traffic lights mean drivers may not proceed through an intersection and must come to a full stop until there is a green light.What does a flashing red light mean?Flashing red lights serve the same purpose as a stop sign. They warn drivers that they must stop and make sure there is no oncoming traffic or any pedestrians before proceeding through an..
147. Nevada License Plates
Nevada License Plates When you first register your vehicle in Nevada, you will be issued two Nevada license plates by the Department of Motor Vehicles. One of these will be for the rear bumper of your vehicle and another for the front bumper. Nevada license plates are registered to an individual rather than the vehicle. If you purchase a new car, you can transfer your Nevada license plates to that c..
148. Nevada Permit Practice Test
Nevada Permit Practice Test Among the unique features of the Nevada DMV is a live updated customer wait times chart that is updated frequently.  This allows anyone that intends to take the practice permit test in Nevada to plan their trip to the DMV accordingly.The minimum age to become a licensed driver in Nevada is 16 as long as parental permission is secured at the time off application.  The ..
149. Nevada Vehicle Registration
Nevada Vehicle Registration Nevada vehicle registration laws require all motor vehicles to be registered in order to be driven within the state. This includes cars, trucks, mopeds, motorcycles, trailers, low speed vehicles, boats, and more. Depending on the circumstances, there are different forms and requirements for NV vehicle requirements.Nevada Vehicle Registration: Purchased from a Nevada DealerWhen ..
150. New Hampshire Driving Test Questions
Are adults legally required to wear a safety belt?No. While all passengers younger than 18 years old are required to wear safety belts, no one over that age is legally required to do so.How loud must the driver’s horn be?To be in compliance with the law, driver’s horns must be audible from at least 200 feet away.What does an x-shaped sign indicate?X-shaped signs mark railro..