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76. How to Buy A New Car
How to Buy A New Car Car buying is a huge investment and one that will stay with the buyer for the long term.  When buying a new car, you will not have the same concerns about the reliability of the vehicle, as you would with a used car, buy you will need to consider the purpose of the car, your willingness to hang onto the car in the future and if you can afford the financing option.  Yo..
77. How to Get Discount Auto Insurance
How to Get Discount Auto Insurance Auto insurance is a form of insurance that is purchased for cars, motorcycles, trucks, or other road vehicles. The primary purpose of auto insurance is to provide a level of financial protection against any physical damage or bodily injury which results from traffic collisions and to protect against any liability that could also come from the accident.  Auto insurance abso..
78. Idaho Driving Test Questions
The Idaho driving test questions and answers listed below serve as a great starting point in studying for your driver’s test.  When studying for the Idaho driving test questions, you should reference as many resources as possible.  Even when you’re not studying for Idaho driving test question, it’s always a good idea to keep updated on driving laws as well. &nbs..
79. Idaho License Plates
Idaho License Plates When you register your motor vehicle with the Idaho Transportation Department, you will receive license plates. These Idaho license plates are your property, and if you do decide to sell your motor vehicle, you should make sure to remove your Idaho license plates before the transaction happens. Although the state requires you to remove these plates, Idaho also allows you to tra..
80. Idaho Parking Laws
Idaho Parking Laws   Short Guide to Idaho Parking Laws:   In the state of Idaho, the Motor Vehicle Commission is not responsible for issuing parking tickets or collecting payments. All parking tickets in the state of Idaho are processed through the Idaho Municipal courts—individual districts are responsible for implementing and enforcing parking laws. Becaus..
81. Idaho Permit Practice Test
Idaho Permit Practice Test The Idaho Transportation Department will administer the permit practice test and maintain all records related to licensing drivers in Idaho.  The minimum age to apply for a practice permit in Idaho is 15 and this individual must be a resident of Idaho and can prove they are in the US legally.  The individual must also be of sound mid and not have a history of “habit..
82. Idaho Vehicle Registration
Idaho Vehicle Registration There are many different scenarios where you will need to register your motor vehicle in your name, for an Idaho vehicle registration including:• After establishing Idaho residency• Buying a used car from a private party (not a dealer)• Transferring ownership to of a vehicle from family, inheritance, or as a giftAfter purchasing a vehicle within the state l..
83. Illinois Driving Test Questions
The Illinois driving test questions and answers listed below serve as a great starting point in studying for your driver’s test.  You should study your Illinois driving test questions thoroughly, and you should study from a variety of resources.  Apart from the Illinois driving test questions and answers listed below, you should consider going to your local DMV and ..
84. Illinois Vehicle Registration
Illinois Vehicle Registration First-Time Illinois Vehicle RegistrationYou will need to complete your Illinois vehicle registration for the very first time if you recently:• Purchased a motor vehicle• Received a motor vehicle as a gift• Moved to the state of Illinois from another stateThe Illinois vehicle registration process as well as titling process are very closely related to each ot..
85. Indiana Driving Test Questions
The Indiana driving test questions and answers listed below serve as a great starting point for studying for a driver’s test.  You should always study your Indiana driving test questions as much as possible, and you should also reference as many resources as possible in order to pass your driver’s test the first time.  Apart from the Indiana driving test questions..
86. Indiana License Plates
Indiana License Plates When registering your motor vehicle in Indiana, you can choose your Indiana license plates. While you can opt for the basic, standardized your Indiana license plates, you can also choose between personalized plates, special recognition plates, and others such as disability plates.Special Recognition Indiana License PlatesThere are many different Indiana license plates with back..
87. Indiana Parking Laws
Though Indiana parking laws will be mostly municipal matters, there are some provisions in the Indiana code dealing with traffic, stopping and parking on the highways that run through the state.  Follow the Indiana parking laws carefully and also consult about local parking laws that are surely in effect when dealing with the operation of a motor vehicle.  Indiana par..
88. Indiana Permit Practice Test
Indiana Permit Practice Test Those that are 15.5 years old and current enrolled in a driver’s education program may apply at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a learner’s permit.  You must have has a learner’s permit for 6 months and completed 50 hours of driving practice before you are eligible to take a road test and earn an Indian driver’s license.  To apply for the learner’s permit, ..
89. Indiana Vehicle Registration
Indiana Vehicle Registration Indiana vehicle registration laws require that vehicle owners have to register their motor vehicle with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles prior to taking the vehicle on the road. Used and new motor vehicles have to be registered with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, regardless of whether the vehicles are bought from a dealership or from an individual. Additionally, any new Indi..
90. Iowa Driving Test Questions
What does a red traffic sign mean?You must stop, yield or otherwise obey the instructions that are posted.What does a yellow traffic sign mean?Yellow traffic signs provide warnings about road conditions.What does a green traffic sign mean?Green traffic signs provide information about the distance to a city or other destination.What does a fluorescent green-yellow traffic sign m..