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121. Massachusetts Vehicle Registration
Massachusetts Vehicle Registration Massachusetts vehicle registration regulations require motor vehicle owners to properly register their motor vehicle with the Registry of Motor Vehicles of Massachusetts before driving on the roads. Both new and used vehicles have to complete MA registration.Initial Massachusetts Vehicle RegistrationIf you are registering your motor vehicle in for the first time in Massachusett..
122. Michigan Driving Test Questions
Do back seat passengers have to wear a safety belt?No. Only drivers and front seat passengers are required to wear a safety belt in Michigan. All passengers under the age of 16 must wear a safety belt.What does a traffic sign with a red circle with a red line through it mean?These kinds of signs indicate a driver is not permitted to do something, such as enter a one-way road.Wh..
123. Michigan License Plates
Michigan License Plates Like other states, the state of Michigan requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Michigan Department of State. After registering your automobile, you will receive standard license plates for your motor vehicle.  You can either choose the classic blue-and-white Great Lakes standard plate, or for an additional $5 a year, you can get the Spectacular Peninsu..
124. Michigan Permit Practice Test
Michigan Permit Practice Test In Michigan, the Department of State is responsible for several functions, including licensing drivers and administering the permit practice test for Michigan.  Unlike other states however, Michigan will allow, through a legally binding contract, the testing of applicants road skills by a third party.  To understand the provisions of road testing in Michigan, one shou..
125. Michigan Vehicle Registration
Michigan Vehicle Registration Michigan Vehicle registration laws require motor vehicle owners to properly register their motor vehicle with the Secretary of State of Michigan prior to driving in Michigan. Both new used motor vehicles need to undergo MI vehicle registration, whether they are purchased from a dealer or a private party. New Michigan residents also have to go through the MI registration process..
126. Minnesota Driving Test Questions
How far in advance must a turn be signaled?Drivers must signal their intent to turn at least 100 feet in advance.Can hand signs be used to make a turn?Hand signs can be used instead of a car’s signal lights to signal a turn during the daytime. This is not allowed at night.Is it legal to make a left turn on a red light?Drivers may turn left on a red light if they are going fro..
127. Minnesota License Plates
Minnesota License Plates Most Minnesota motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and pickups require two license plate - one in the front of the vehicle and one in the back. Certain vehicles in Minnesota, like dealer cars, motorcycles, mopeds, and trailers, only require the rear-displayed Michigan license plate. When you register your motor vehicle in Minnesota for the first time, you will r..
128. Minnesota Parking Laws
Understanding the Minnesota Parking LawsIt’s important to know that you can even get a traffic violation when your car’s not even moving! It’s simply called this:A parking violation. And to understand what that means in the state of Minnesota, you have to have some sort of understanding of what the MN parking laws are.A List of Violations Under Minnesota Parking LawsSome ..
129. Minnesota Permit Practice Test
Minnesota Permit Practice Test The Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services will be your resource for passing the practice permit test for Minnesota.  A class D instruction permit for Minnesota will be valid for two years and will cost $12 plus a $1.75 technology fee.  In order to pass your permit practice test for Minnesota, you should consult the Minnesota Driver’s Manual.  Here you will le..
130. Minnesota Vehicle Registration
Minnesota Vehicle Registration Minnesota vehicle registration laws state that motor vehicle owners have to register their motor vehicle with the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services before being able to take the vehicle out on the road. Both new and used vehicles have to be registered with the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services, regardless of whether the vehicles are purchased from a dealership or an..
131. Mississippi Driving Test Questions
Who has the right of way at an intersection?The driver who arrives at an intersection first has the right of way. If two vehicles arrive at an intersection at the same time, the driver on the left must yield to the vehicle on his or her right.Are drivers legally required to yield the right of way to funeral processions?No. Drivers in Mississippi are not legally required to let ..
132. Mississippi License Plates
Mississippi License Plates This Mississippi Department of Public Safety offers many different Mississippi license plates for your motor vehicle. For some Mississippi license plates, there is no additional cost to purchase a specialty plate, but for others, the there is a special tag fee that can be as much as $51 more each year. Depending on the type of Mississippi license plate you choose, it can be iss..
133. Mississippi Parking Laws
Quick Guide to Mississippi Parking LawsMississippi Parking LawsThe majority of Mississippi parking law is located within Title 63, Chapter 3 of the MS annotated code.  There are other laws that regard MS parking law in local jurisdictions, and the fines within these jurisdictions will vary—especially in metropolitan areas and education institutions.  Mississippi par..
134. Mississippi Permit Practice Test
Mississippi Permit Practice Test The Mississippi Department of Public Safety will administer the permit practice test for Mississippi.  A learner’s permit will cost $4.00 and you must pay in exact change only.  You will need to present identification and all persons under the age of 18 applying for a permit must show their birth certificate as well as proof of school attendance/graduation.  Th..
135. Missouri Driving Test Questions
What does a red light mean?Red traffic lights indicate drivers must stop and may not proceed forward until the signal has turned to green.Is it legal to turn right on red?Yes. Drivers may make a right turn during a red light if there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction or pedestrians in the way.What does a yellow light mean?Yellow traffic lights indicate the light ..